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Award-winning drinks journalist, specialising in spirits, cocktails and bars. Winner of the 2022 Alan Lodge Young International Drinks Writer and IWSC Spirits Communicator of the Year. Head of content for OurWhisky Foundation. Writing for Club Oenologique, Evening Standard, Global Drinks Intel, Courier Media, The Cocktail Lovers and more.


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Singular Character

Single-estate spirits are reinventing the industry with a holistic approach to distilling inspired by the land.

The Caterer
Save Our Sake

UK drinkers are yet to be properly introduced to the world of sake, but dedicated sommeliers can see its potential and are making it accessible to all.

Class Bar Magazine
What is Distillery Character?

What's meant by a term I'm hearing more and more on my many visits to Scottish distilleries: 'distillery character.' And why should bartenders care?

Club Oenologique
A drink lover's guide to Singapore

One of the world's best bar scenes makes Singapore a dream destination for adventurous cocktail enthusiasts but there's plenty else for visitors with a love of fine food and drink

Global Drinks Intel Magazine
Who owns our bars? And why does it matter?

While owners and investors need to have a clear understanding of how a business can operate cohesively and amicably, it’s important that bartenders are given the correct information to understand the environment in which they are entrusting their time and skills.

The Caterer
Secrets of Service

When it comes to intuitive, brilliant service, there are certain practical aspects that can be taught to ensure guests feel completely welcome. Millie Milliken asks operators how it’s done.

Class Magazine
Neutral no more

Milk, peas, apples, you name it, vodka is being made from raw materials with assertive flavour profiles.

Global Drinks Intel
Cityscapes: Singapore

From hosting some of the bar industry’s biggest events to releasing its first- ever single malt whisky, the fifth-richest city in the world is showing no signs of slowing. Millie Milliken reports on the city’s thriving drinks industry

Evening Standard
Welcome to Dram, London's hottest whisky bar

London just got its most exciting new opening, courtesy of three of London's most daring drinks dandies. Millie Milliken tackles the three floors of fun

Whisky Magazine
Under its spell

From musical tastings and deity offerings to silent suppers and even distillery names, the colliding of the worlds of whisky and witches is revelatory. We unravel the magic that brings them together

Crisp Malt
Distilling with heritage malt

The word ‘heritage’ elicits a spectrum of shared and individual meanings to, well, everyone on this planet. For some, it provokes an intrinsically linked feeling of connection to one’s past (people, places, and things that came before them); for others, it’s a wider appreciation of their surroundings in relation to how they came to be and their significance in identifying said surroundings. For whisky distillers, it’s becoming inextricably linked with a very important ingredient in their...

Campari Academy
Describe this flavour

Experiences and personal memories impact the way we perceive flavours? Four experts share their knowledge about it here.

Global Drinks Intel
Distillery schools start term

As education on spirits categories gains pace among consumers and trade alike, schools around the world are giving guests hands- on training to quench their thirst

Whisky Magazine
One more, with feeling

Collecting whiskies can be a lucrative endeavour, but starting a collection with feeling can only lead to a fulfilling pastime rather than a competitive sport. Here’s why your collection should be one you love

The Cocktail Lovers
Seek, find, drink

Flavour, ethos, creativity: the benefits of working with foraged ingredients in cocktails are many. Millie Milliken speaks to the people unearthing the freshest new ingredients

A star is (re)born

One of London’s most famous bars celebrates the dawn of a new era with Chelsie Bailey at the helm.

Campari Academy
What it takes to scale a successful business with Hawksmoor's Will Beckett

The CEO of Hawksmoor discusses his strategy for scaling a hospitality business, his specific set of leadership skills and why being optimistic is his superpower When I speak to Will Beckett over Zoom on a rather uneventful day in April, the man I'm met with is - by his own admission - a casual one.

Gin Magazine
Level up

Neither a cocktail beginner, nor a cocktail pro? We’ve asked the experts for takes on some of gin’s most famous cocktails which will stretch your skills and elevate your at-home repertoire

Causing a stir

Bartenders in 2023 are still facing barriers when it comes to working without prejudice. MILLIE MILLIKEN talks to the next generation of women pioneering for change and equity in London mixology

OurWhisky Foundation
Interview: Lauren and Steph Murray, Dowans hotel

Sisters Lauren and Steph Murray have owned the Dowans Hotel in Speyside with their parents since 2012. After more than 10 years at the helm, we talk to them about being brave with cocktails, hosting the whisky industry and being women in charge.

Evening Standard
What to drink this summer

The winter wardrobe has been tentatively stored away, and the Birkenstocks can take pride of place on the shoe rack. Could it be? Yes, summer is upon us, and with it comes the possibilities of long, hazy evenings with friends and tipples worthy of the warmer weather.

Campari Academy
Bartending as a career: Asia

As Asia continues to grow in visibility on the global bar stage, we take a look at how the profession has been perceived in the past - and ask how this could be changing. From Tokyo to Goa, six bartenders on the ground tell their stories

Club Oenologique
There's substance behind Emma Watson's Chablis-inspired gin

Let's talk about soil - specifically Kimmeridgian soil. Formed around 150 million years ago, its rocks and stones are made up of limestone and clay, and can be found in the northernmost part of the Burgundy region.

Whisky Magazine
Interview: Emily Chappell

Illustrator Emily Chappell has been designing That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s labels since it began – as the company enjoys a celebratory year, we profile the woman who gave it its visual identity

Whisky Magazine
Making a statement

When it comes to American whiskeys, the conversations around age statements are ongoing and never simple. We dig into what the landscape of age statements looks like right now

A guide to Caribbean rum

From Jamaica to Martinique, Caribbean rum comes in many varied guises. Millie Milliken gives an introduction to this vast and vibrant category

Martini 2.0

The Martini is enjoying a well-deserved moment in the spotlight, so how are hotel bars putting their own spin on one of the world’s most iconic cocktails?

Club Oenologique
Why clarified cocktails are absolutely everywhere

From curdling milk to augmenting gravity, bars make magic with clear and sometimes colourless cocktails. Millie Milliken gets a clearer understanding of why, these days, clarified cocktails are ubiquitous at the bar.

Evening Standard
Nine places in London to celebrate St Patrick's Day

Held as an official feast day on the anniversary of the death of St Patrick a mere 1,500 years ago or so, the Irish celebration has evolved into a party that sees traditional Irish exports consumed, lots of green outfits, and all manner of dancing and musical merriment.

OurWhisky Foundation
Stef Holt: A day in the life of a market manager - OurWhisky Foundation

Stef Holt, UK market manager for Waterford Whisky and Renegade Rum, talks to Millie Milliken about making whisky training fun, mastering her public-speaking patter and breaking bad habits. "I wake up at about 8am. I have a cat and she loves jumping near and yelling in my face, so that's my wakeup call.

Evening Standard
Sunday funday: Where to drink on the unlikeliest night out of the week

here must be something in Thames water, as it seems that the day of rest has had quite the rebrand. Against the odds, Sundays in London are becoming the new Fridays (Thursdays?), with the capital buzzing with the energy of end-of-the-week drinking sessions.

Club Oenologique
Jamaican rum: looking beyond the funk

Did you know that Jamaica has the most rum bars per square mile in the world? It's an image that is hard to muster - until, that is, you visit Jamaica.

Evening Standard
Burns Night 2023: The best bars in London to drink Scotch in

you, my Muse! Good old Scotch drink!" So wrote Scottish poet Robert Burns of Scotland's most famous export: whisky. Each year on January 25, Scotland celebrates his life on what is called Burns Night - an evening that includes addressing a haggis, bag piping the arrival of guests and ceilidh dancing.

Cheese Magazine
Smoke it out

Mezcal might not be the most obvious partner to cheese, but Millie Milliken has found her favourite. Behold, the mighty pecorino that can temper the wild, agave spirit

The Caterer
Moderation for the nation

With more people shunning alcohol, having a good booze-free menu is a basic requirement. Millie Milliken speaks to those going the extra mile with their non-alcoholic offerings

Campari Academy
How to Build a Brand Identity for your Bar - Campari Academy

A brand identity comprises a number of factors that go far beyond your logo. Colour palettes, typography, interiors, materials, service style, communication, product - all of these factors and more contribute to a brand's overall identity. Why is it so important?

Campari Academy
Purpose-driven Spirits: Future, Past or else? - Campari Academy

When was the last time you saw a new traditional gin get launched and got excited about it? I thought as much. As much as we love the juniper-based spirit, these days, something as perfunctory as a traditional spirit with no discernible difference will, sadly, arrive lacklustre.

Underground Drinks: Exploring the Storied Tradition of Burying Booze

Mud pits, peat bogs, volcanic rock-lined pits, and even gardens - there are myriad environments in which some of the world's best-loved drinks are buried. From Mexico to Goa, distillers, brewers, and maestro mezcaleros are using the act of burial to process raw ingredients, ferment, or age their liquids in weird and wonderful ways.

The Spirits Business
Block party

It’s an acronym that has spurred a flurry of controversy in the luxury spirits industry. But what are NFTs, why are drinks brands jumping on the tech trend, and are they converting into meaningful sales? Millie Milliken investigates

CLASS Magazine
Eating disorders - hospitality's last taboo?

Eating disorders in the drinks and hospitality industry are rife but rarely spoken about. Millie Milliken lifts the lid of what might be the 'last taboo' in our industry

Tequila Magazine
Take a bite

Bats and tequila may not sound like natural bedfellows but they could be the answer to biodiversity in the industry. Millie Milliken investigates

Club Oenologique
Seven Vietnamese cocktail bars showing the scene is one to watch

Walking through the heady streets of Vietnam, you'll be guaranteed to see locals and tourists alike partaking in the communal drinking of bia ho'i. Literally translating to 'fresh beer', the daily brewed, low-alcohol beverage is served on draught (often with ice) to groups of drinkers sat on small, brightly coloured plastic stools - the perfect perches for people watching and for quenching one's thirst in tropical climes.

Whisky Magazine
South-eastern Promise

Vietnam is about to start production on its first single malt whisky. We went to the capital city of Hanoi to get the scoop

The Cut - OurWhisky Foundation
Interview: Jackie Zykan, Hidden Barn Whiskey

Jackie Zykan left her position as Old Forester's master taster to launch a new project, Hidden Barn Whiskey. We gave her a call to discuss why she's made the move, how she has grown professionally and what drives her to succeed.

Master of Malt
Axia: the brand revolutionising Greece's spirit history

Using the resin of the ancient mastiha shrub, Axia is turning Greek tradition on its head. Millie Milliken headed to Greece to find out how this intriguing spirit came to be - and how it can be served in cocktails

Courier Media: 100 Ways to Make a Living
Whiskey making in China

As some of the whiskey industry's biggest names move into China, there's still a gap in the exploding market for homegrown, independent brands to find their niche.

The Caterer
The Langham Artesian bar has created a new...

The Langham, London's Artesian bar has created a new Duality cocktail menu. Here's head bartender Giulia Cuccurullo about creating a menu of opposites Tell me how the new Duality menu came about? It started with the team looking at their surroundings.

Drinks International
Three-Parts Winner

From the bartenders’ handshake cocktail to being sold in cans in supermarkets and restaurants, the negroni continues to dominate menus across the globe. Millie Milliken takes a closer look at the evolution of the Italian classic.

Tequila Magazine
Shake it up

From well-known classics to lesser chartered territory, Tequila cocktails can come in all different guises. We take a look at five of the finest and ask the experts for their fool-proof recipes

The Spirits Business
Give and take

From one-night guest shifts to international month-long parties, bar takeovers have never been bigger. But have they lost their way? Millie Milliken investigates

Highball cocktails: recipes to make at home

Easy to prepare and delicious to drink, Highball cocktails are popular with bartenders and drinkers alike. Millie Milliken explains why the Highball is a great at-home serve and recommends six recipes for you to experiment with.

Club Oenologique
Why savoury cocktails deserve the spotlight

Oysters, oils, onions: cocktails are getting increasingly savoury. Number one fan Millie Milliken argues that it’s time for less sweet libations to shine

Rum Magazine
Wild thing

The traditional spirit of Haiti has long been in the shadows outside of the Caribbean. But with more bottles reaching further afield, we explain why clairin should be on your radar

Master of Malt Blog
Le Syndicat: the Parisian bar making French spirits cool

Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados... French spirits don't always get the nod of approval when it comes to the cool kids. But Le Syndicat bar in Paris is on a mission to change that When you hear the word 'Armagnac' what scene does it conjure: lines of vines backdropped by a crumbling castle, or an unmarked door in the middle of a wall of freshly-plastered gig posters?

Drinks International
Fortify this

Spain's most famous alcoholic export is on the cusp of some major changes. Millie Milliken take a look at the incoming regulations and what the future could hold for the category

Club Oenologique
How teeny tiny cocktails became a really big deal

I believe it was Aesop (the Greek fabulist, not the luxury skincare label) that coined the phrase 'good things come in small packages'. Whatever its origins, it's fair to say that plenty of brands have cottoned on to the phenomenon; making teeny tiny dollhouse versions of their original products to capture the hearts of consumers (just look up pocket sriracha and keychain Tabasco if you don't believe me).

Club Oenologique
Behind the bottle: Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique

Say the word 'Taiwan' to a group of whisky lovers and ' Kavalan ' won't come far behind. The single malt whisky brand from Yilan County has been turning heads for a number of years, accruing a myriad of medals and awards along the way.

Master of Malt Blog
Nine of the best whisky bars in Scotland

It's World Whisky Week so from Edinburgh to Aberlour, Millie Milliken gives you her choice of the best places in Scotland to enjoy a wee dram. Here are (some of) the best whisky bars in Scotland.

Courier Media
How bar takeovers are shaking up the industry

As drinkers seek experiences beyond the cocktail, bartenders are making bar takeovers bigger and better than ever. Here's how to get the mix just right for this industry trend.

The best cocktail bars in London

The home of the espresso martini, the world's best bar and a multitude of award-winning bartenders - when it comes to finding a spot to drink it can be difficult to navigate your way around the best cocktail bars in London.

Club Oenologique
The olive oil that's taking the drink world by storm

Hedonism Wines and Shop Cuvée are just two of the wine and spirits retailers stocking this liquid. Bars have recently got in on the action, too - adding it into Martinis and other cocktails on their menus. But we're not talking about the latest luxury release in wine or spirits.

Master of Malt Blog
Cocktail of the week: The Black Velvet

This week we take a trip to the 19th century for a macabre cocktail created in honour of royalty. Don your most elegant finery, and say hello to the Black Velvet. "I'll take you to Scott's and we'll have some of their dressed crab and a pint of Black Velvet."

Master of Malt Blog
How to pair whisky with food

Bored of serving wine at dinner parties? Well, whisky may just be the answer to making your evening more flavourful. We ask the experts how to pair whisky with every course and set out a sample menu for you to try at home. The pairing of food and drink isn't as easy as it looks.

Club Oenologique
These bars are using vintage spirits in time-warp cocktails

There's a certain smugness one feels when somebody asks, 'Oh wow, where did you get your coat?' and you answer with those two fateful words: 'It's vintage.' Nothing quite beats owning something from the past: the unknown stories it could tell, the connection to its history and the sense that you - and maybe only you - have given it a new lease of life.

Has the term 'innovation' lost its meaning in spirits?

There was once a time, long, long ago where the word 'unique' would really set me off. Actually, it still does - but in recent years it has been usurped by a word even more triggering: 'innovation'. A quick search of my inbox brings up literally hundreds of emails using the offending word - and that's in the last 12 months alone.

Club Oenologique
The bottled cocktail trend shows no signs of slowing

Anyone in the UK who has travelled via a train station and frequented its concourse stores will know that ready-to-drink cocktails (or RTDs, as they're known in the industry) are nothing new. They will also know, however, that proclivity doesn't necessarily equate to quality.

Master of Malt Blog
Is the dive bar finished?

Dive bars from the Dolphin to the Crobar are on the ropes. But a new roster of bars with divey vibes are emerging, and their cocktails are making waves. Millie Milliken asks what makes a good dive bar in 2022 and picks out seven of the best.

Top spirits trends: What to drink in 2022 - Decanter

Looking to premiumise your collection? Tequila has plenty of high-end brands to choose from: perfect for enthusiasts to explore. Gone are the days when tequila was seen as a shot drink or only used in Margaritas . Now, drinks makers are showing just how versatile agave spirits can be in a range of cocktails.

The sweet spot

While rum flows through the veins of the Caribbean, its key ingredient is rarely mentioned. Drinks writer Millie Milliken shines a light on sugarcane and explains how its troubled history is becoming a thing of the past

Master of Malt Blog
How to keep agave spirits sustainable

With an ever-growing market for Tequila and mezcal of Mexico comes an inevitable conundrum: how do we keep agave spirits sustainable? We ask the brands and businesses investing in the future of the agave category how they're working to keep Tequila in business The rumours are true: Tequila is booming.

Clairin Rises

"People ask what drink I'd have on my death bed and I never used to be able to answer - but now, I have clairin." Head buyer for Speciality Drinks , Dawn Davies MW, if you hadn't already gathered, is a clairin fanatic.

CLASS Magazine
Let there be light

There’s been no, there’s been low, and now there is a new mid-proof drinks category taking shape. Millie Milliken explores the rise of the ‘light’ spirit, and how it translates into bars

Master of Malt Blog
Glen Garioch: investing in the future by looking to the past

With a £6m investment under its belt - and a recent royal visit - Aberdeenshire's Glen Garioch has had an exciting new upgrade. Millie Milliken travelled to the distillery to find out what the future of its whisky will look - and taste - like.

Is single estate the future of vodka?

When it comes to talking about vodka, the last image that comes to mind is a farmer. Although it makes perfect sense: when you consider that vodka can be made from any sugar-rich agricultural material, it's a surprise we don't see more of them Martini in hand while milking a cow.

The Spirits Business
Mix of the trade

RTDs, new consumer tastes and a rise in on-trade-focused products mean that tonics and mixers have their work cut out to maintain their market share. But brands are far from worried, as Millie Milliken reports

Master of Malt Blog
Party spirit: Why we all need fun drinks right now

From blue vodka to green cocktails, the world of drinks can bring a real pop of colour into our lives. We ask the people making them why colour should be embraced in the world of booze When Tato Giovannoni opened this summer in London, he opened with a cocktail menu based around colour.

Club Oenologique
Five savoury gins to savour

It's not just flavour that defines a savoury gin, though - it also comes down to the mouthfeel. Indeed, for drink expert, Gin Foundry editor and IWSC judge Olivier Ward, the definition is evolving. He says that 'savoury' has gone from being a byword for 'herbal' to becoming more aligned with texture and salinity.

Supper Magazine
Give it a shot

Tequila has been enjoying a rise in popularity on European shores so how are hotel bars outside of Mexico elevating the ill-perceived party spirit to the heights it deserves?

The Spirits Business
Eastern parade

Eastern European vodka producers have been enjoying near-unrivalled growth over the past 12 months. Millie Milliken uncovers the key to the sector’s expansion and what it means for major players

Master of Malt Blog
Negroni Week: Seven twists on a classic

It's finally here - Negroni Week (13-19 September) has officially begun. To celebrate, we've rounded up seven of the best twists out there and asked their creators for the inspiration behind them. And you can get involved too - scroll to the bottom to learn about our Negroni Week competition.

Titans of industry

The spirits and cocktail world has suffered two large blows in recent months. First was the passing of Tomas Estes in April of this year. He was the co-owner of Ocho Tequila and Café Pacifico, a pioneer of agave spirits and an industry icon.

Master of Malt Blog
How to win at whisky auctions

The last few years have seen some serious records and numbers being set in the world of whisky auctions. Millie Milliken asks the experts how the industry works and what newcomers should be bearing in mind. Auctions are, unsurprisingly, big business (it's small business too with a recent rare collection of 400 miniatures selling for a total of £56,732.95 via Whisky.Auction).

Club Oenologique
The radical new wave of low and no drinks

It's safe to say that no- and low-alcohol drinks are booming . As of 2021, the industry is worth a whopping £94m and it's set to grow 34% by 2024. From Seedlip to Sipsmith, brands old and new, large and small, are turning out booze-free alternatives for the alcohol-conscious consumer.

Master of Malt Blog
The wonders of wine casks and whisky

As the popularity of ageing or finishing in wine casks continues to grow in the whisky industry, Millie Milliken takes a look at some of the latest experimental bottlings out there.

Master of Malt Blog
Classic bars: Gordon's Wine Bar

From Londoners to tourists, spooks to football managers, Gordon's Wine Bar is a London institution. Millie Milliken heads into the cavernous world of the capital's oldest wine bar to find out what treasured stories can be told.

The great pisco debate

One of the drink world’s most famous rivalries – the Peru versus Chile pisco dispute – is also one of the most complicated. Drinks expert Millie Milliken unpicks its nuances – with some trepidation

Master of Malt Blog
The seven new international bars giving us wanderlust

As the world begins to reopen for travel, we've scouted out some of the new bars that are opening abroad to add to our bucket lists - when we can finally visit them. Here are seven new international bars with mouthwatering menus.

The legacy of spirits blenders

"Creating a whisky is a balance of art and science through flavour." So says Emma Walker, master blender at . The process of blending spirits - be they Whiskies, Rums, Cognacs - is a skill that ultimately comes down to an individual: their nose, their palate and their sensory memories.

Master of Malt Blog
Hidden stems: The joys of collecting glassware

From bric-a-brac finds to new ergonomic pieces, glassware collections and their owners come in many guises. How do you start? We asked some of the drinks industry's most avid collectors. "I think it's over 1,000 in this house, at least," Remy Savage tells me when I ask him how vast his famous glassware collection is.

Why You Need to Know About English Still Wine

English still wine is not a new category. Sure, its more bubbly sister may be increasingly popular here in the States, but the still counterpart is beginning to gain momentum among consumers in the U.K. - and it may soon just be riding on the coattails of its seemingly sexier sibling across the pond.

Master of Malt Blog
Cocktail of the Week: The Bullshot

The heyday of the Bullshot cocktail was in the 1960s and'70s when it was enjoyed by such stars as Joan Crawford, Malcolm McDowell, and, um, Rodney Dangerfield. Since then, it's never quite reached such glittering heights. But Millie Milliken thinks the Bullshot ripe for a revival.

Master of Malt Blog
What's the T?: Using iced tea in cocktails

Feeling peachy (and the rest) When it comes to tea , spirit and flavour combinations, the options are endless. For Lovell, there are some favourites, like Jasmine tea and gin or rooibos with mezcal. Kuba Korżyński, general manager at whisky den Black Rock cites rooibos' deep and rich aromas as to why it works especially well with smoky whiskies.

Hopped Up

From making their own to collaborating with local breweries, how are hotels going the extra mile to ensure that beer is given the star treatment it deserves?

Master of Malt Blog
What's the deal with infinity bottles?

When it comes to DIY in spirits making there is one thing that nearly everyone can do: infinity bottles. Millie Milliken explains what this phenomenon is and asks hobbyist writers how they fill theirs There aren't many downsides to being a drinks writer: woe betide the booze journo who complains they've got yet Champagne dinner in the hottest new restaurant in town.

Master of Malt Blog
Cocktail of the Week: The Sex on the Beach

This week Millie Milliken dons her visor and heads to 1980s Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to find out the origins of the Sex on the Beach [adult content warning] 'Spring break', a cultural phenomenon that started in the 1930s might be unknown to us Brits but it's a bikini and budgie-smuggler-clad right of passage for most young Americans partying their way into adulthood.

Club Oenologique
A weekend in York

To the Romans, it was Eboricum; the Saxons, Eoforwic; and the Vikings, Jorvik. As far back as 71AD York has been an important part of England's landscape, and its rich history draws tourists from far and wide to see its sights - from the Medieval Gothic York Minster Cathedral (the largest in northern Europe), to the famous medieval Shambles thoroughfare, and even the longest Roman wall in England.

Master of Malt Blog
Going bananas: Why banana drinks are everywhere

From infusions to macerations, esters and cocktails, banana-flavoured drinks seem to be everywhere. Millie Milliken speaks to the makers and shakers who are going bananas for bananas. Hands up who made banana bread as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. Thought so. Yes, the nation went banana mad over lockdown.

The art behind drinks

"Cappiello pushed the envelope of communication when he invented, to all intents and purposes, Campari's first mascot and product endorsement," says Anita Todesco, the curator of Galleria Campari (the brand's own gallery in Milan) of Capiello's most famous Campari artwork Spiritello.

Master of Malt Blog
The peculiar allure of smoked drinks

Whisky, salmon, salt, mezcal, paprika - you name it, we'll put smoke in it. But why do we love the flavours and aromas of smoke in our drinks so much? Millie Milliken asks those in the know, and tries to explain the peculiar allure of smoked drinks.

Master of Malt Blog
Family spirit: father and daughter/ son distillers

We're keeping it in the family today as Millie Milliken takes a look at some of the father and daughter/ son distillers around the world - they're braver than we would be One of my earliest memories is of my grandad (papa) showing me how to make beer in his garage, probably at a much younger age than I should have been.

Master of Malt Blog
The 12 new bars to visit in 2021

As UK hospitality slowly wakes up from lockdown, sadly slower than originally anticipated, there are a slew of new bars to go out and celebrate in. From new hotel classics to neighbourhood joints, Millie Milliken rounds up 12 new bars to visit in 2021.

Whisky Magazine
Lochlea Distillery comes out of the shadows - Whisky Magazine

When David Ferguson started selling used Maker's Mark casks to Malcolm Rennie, he knew the whisky veteran was up to something. That something was Lochlea Distillery, the only independent whisky distillery in Ayrshire - and, at the end of this year, it will release its first single malt Scotch whisky.


Working in hospitality isn't a switch that can easily be turned off - it's a lifestyle, and one that can take its toll, both physically and mentally. Drinks and hospitality journalist Millie Milliken explores what leading bartenders do to look after their wellbeing when they're off the clock.

Master of Malt Blog
Master of Malt Islay Festival 2021 Day 6: Bowmore

It's Master of Malt Islay Festival 2021 Day 6: Bowmore time! Today, we're taking a look at all the online excitement going on at the distillery while Millie Milliken delves into the dark art of mixing smoke with sherry.

Capturing Quintessence

'We're working with things that have hours of life,' says Barney Wilczak, founder and distiller at Capreolus Distillery in Cirencester. Wilczak's eaux de vies have had bartenders buzzing in recent years, and it's no surprise: using local fruits from raspberries to quince, and most recently gooseberry, his premium range of distilled fruits are some of the most exquisite expressions of their base ingredient on the market.

Master of Malt Blog
Master of Malt Islay Festival 2021 Day 5: Laphroaig

It's Master of Malt Islay Festival 2021 Day 5: Laphroaig! Today's we're using words like TCP and phenolic as we take a look at one of Islay's most uncompromising distilleries while Millie Milliken will take a look at matching different whiskies with food.

Master of Malt Blog
The inside scoop on pairing whisky and ice cream

Banana, vanilla, chocolate - the flavours of whisky and ice cream make for wonderful bedfellows. Millie Milliken put in the strenuous research to find out how to pair them and came up with five perfect matches of her own.

Changing government perception - CLASS

Decisions being made without operational insight were brought to the forefront during the pandemic, says Rigby. Aside from pouring a pint in the Crown & Treaty in Uxbridge, or serving a chicken katsu curry at Wagamama, how can prime minister Boris Johnson and the chancellor Rishi Sunak make sink or swim business decisions about bars?

Master of Malt Blog
Cocktail of the week: The Stone Fence

Bourbon and cider come together to create one of the cocktail world's more simple but obscure serves. From Connecticut to east London, we explore the hazy life of the Stone Fence. Breton Cider is a powerful beast. The hazy, fermented apple juice can make you do interesting things.

Master of Malt Blog
10 bars and drinks to celebrate the great reopening

Today's the day when England's bars, pubs and restaurants open up properly for the first time since last year's lockdown. So we asked 10 drinks industry experts which bars they will be visiting first and the cocktail they'll be ordering to celebrate the great reopening.

The new normal?

In the last 12 months, the traditional bar experience has been turned on its head as countless venues have turned to the at-home drinking model. MILLIE MILLIKEN explores the businesses revolutionising how we drink, and asks whether these changes are here to stay

Master of Malt Blog
The divine truth about the angel's share

From whisky to Cognac, the concept of the angel's share, how much liquid a cask loses to evaporation, is one that is unique to every distillery. Millie Milliken takes a closer look at this costly but vital part of the ageing process.

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Five of the best corn-based spirits for summer sipping

While the sight of corn on the cob may bring barbecues - and butter - to most people's minds, there are some exciting things happening with the starchy golden seeds in the world of spirits. In summer 2020, two corn-based spirits arrived on British shores from Mexico: Abasolo whisky and Nixta Licor de Elote liqueur.

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The story of Don Julio Tequila

Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada was just 17 when he founded his Tequila distillery. It's been quite a journey from these humble beginnings to being part of one of the largest drinks companies in the world, and enjoyed by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio. This is the story Don Julio Tequila.

How American Whiskey Is Starting a Revolution in the U.K.

"I always wanted to be a cowboy," says James Arthur Rackham, the man behind Daddy Rack, a new Tennessee whiskey brand. He was born above his father's liquor store on London's Portobello Road and since then, he has spent 40 years working in blending and selling spirits internationally.

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The myths and marvels of the Prairie Oyster

Hangover remedy, cocktail, or both, the famous egg yolk-based concoction was once the go-to for the enthusiastic drinker. Millie Milliken looks into the history of the Prairie Oyster and asks why we don't drink/ eat more of them.

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Cocktail of the Week: El Presidente

This week we're celebrating a Cuban Prohibition classic, El Presidente; it's an enigma in rum, vermouth and bitters. But what have the French got to do with it - or Christina Aguilera for that matter? According to the BBC , the top five most popular lockdown 1.0 buys were Tequila, gym equipment, makeup, luxury bedding and elastic.

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Mixto Tequila: time for a reappraisal?

As the UK starts to see a slew of new mixto Tequila brands entering the market, we examine the perception of mixtos, speak to the people making them and ask the experts if it's time to reevaulate this maligned category.

An evolving market landscape encourages whisky producers to innovate - IWSR

As demand for whisky continues to grow apace in many countries worldwide, changing market forces are pushing a new, more modern breed of whisky to the forefront. Increasing interest from millennial consumers - both male and female alike- has prompted some whisky producers to question the way in which whiskies are made, packaged and marketed.

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The making of... Capreolus eaux de vie

Barney Wilczak started distilling gin and eaux de vie (a type of French fruit brandy) as a hobby from his childhood greenhouse in the Cotswolds, UK. Finding he had a natural talent for it, Capreolus Distillery was born – with his drinks now finding their way to plenty of high-end bars and restaurants. Here he explains how he made it happen.

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The evolution of drinks advertising

In his 1996 article for The New York Times , 'Liquor Industry Ends its Ban in Broadcasting', Stuart Elliot wrote : ' The decision by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, the liquor trade association also known as Discus, comes six months after the Seagram Company, the nation's second-largest seller of distilled spirits, began defying the ban....

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Mother Root, the drink bringing the switchel back

New to MoM, the fiery Mother Root Ginger Switchel combines a 17 th century recipe with the 21 st century rise of delicious zero ABV drinks. We chat to founder Bethan Higson about how becoming a mother inspired her, the health benefits of a switchel and taking her creation worldwide.

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Five minutes with... Colin Gordon, distillery manager at Ardbeg

We spoke to the new Ardbeg distillery manager, Colin Gordon, about being a whisky romantic, the future of the category, and what the distillery and its new stillhouse have in store for visitors when it reopens. Oh, and a mosh pit restaurant...

How Bartenders Around the World Are Collaborating During Covid-19

Just over a year ago, on a trip to NYC from my hometown of London, I could be found sat at the white-tile-clad bar of Dante, ordering yet another of its fluffy orange Garibaldis, basking in the bar's post-World's 50 Best Bars win glow. Fast-forward 14 months, and we all know what happened.

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IWD 2021 interview: Nicole Sykes from Maker's Mark

Kicking off our coverage for International Women's Day 2021, Millie Milliken talks to Nicole Sykes, who has worked in some of the UK's most revered bars. Now, she takes on the challenge of representing one of Kentucky's most famous bourbons, Maker's Mark. Nicole Sykes was aware of whisky from a very young age.

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Classic bars - The Gibson

In the second part of our occasional series on classic bars, we head to a listed, Edwardian ex-pub in Old Street, that specialises in a certain pickle-adorned cocktail. Welcome to The Gibson. Head to 44 Old Street and you'd be forgiven for thinking the petite Edwardian building is a natty little boozer, complete with a hanging pub sign and green-tiled exterior walls.

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Cocktail of the week: The Diamondback

This week's cocktail is a post-Prohibition heavyweight, that plays with rye whiskey, Chartreuse and apple-based spirits. We owe it all to an unassuming, Maryland turtle... it's the Diamondback. I have quite a few things in common with terrapins: we like to feed on shrimps, crabs, clams and mussels; we are known to hibernate in the winter; and we like to catch raindrops in our mouths.

Why Wine Has Fallen Behind in the No- and Low-ABV Category

Working as a drinks bizz journalist has its many boozy perks. But as the weeks, months, and, apparently, whole years have whizzed by, those innumerable bottles of something new, exciting and of substantial proof have been matched by their less heady but no-less-worthy no- and low-alcohol counterparts.

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The new faces of absinthe

As London gets its first absinthe distillery, Millie Milliken arms herself with an absinthe spoon and discovers the elixirs that are giving the spirit a new lease of life, and why the category might just surprise you. Among my taxidermy collection are a mouse with a Jacobean collar (Blackadder), a Victorian menagerie of hummingbirds (The Jackson Five) and a sleeping mouse (Cheese).

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What on earth is new make spirit?

Today, Millie Milliken takes a dive into the surprisingly rich world of new make spirit. Unaged whisky can be delicious, packed full of character and a great cocktail ingredient. Who needs barrels anyway? The beauty of a long aged and nuanced whisky is a wonderful thing.

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Why bartenders love vodka with flavour

For the first time in years, there's real excitement about the vodka category among bartenders. From bottles made with Chardonnay grapes to gin producers getting in on the act, Millie Milliken looks at the brands putting the flavour into vodka. The words 'exciting' and 'vodka' probably weren't natural bedfellows 10 years ago.

Behind (the) bars: Inside the Great Scotland Yard Hotel

Before Covid-19 took hold in the UK, we headed to one of 2020's most anticipated openings, Great Scotland Yard Hotel. What we found inside doesn't hide from its drama-filled past. Millie Milliken meets bars manager Michal Maziarz When Shirley Pitts died in 1992, she was buried in a £5,000 Zandra Rhodes dress.

Exclusive: Simone Caporale on his new non-alcoholic spirit brand, Zeo

The internationally renowned bartender has collaborated with an independent startup to create two liquids, Botanical Dry and Spiced Oak. Millie Milliken got an exclusive taste with Caporale - and his Vespa Thursday morning, 11am. Simone Caporale has arrived at my doorstep to deliver an ice-cold Martini-style serve of Zeo Botanical Dry, complete with a lemon peel-garnished glass on his baby blue Vespa.

Made in Chile: What's next for Chilean pisco in the UK?

Chilean pisco is still a relatively unknown category in the UK bar and restaurant scene. But with more brands looking to export, category education becoming more important, and its rich culture to embrace, could this be the advent of its popularity? Millie Milliken joined Pisco Chile in South America to find out for herself.

Exclusive: Jack Wakelin on his new Sheffield hangout, Bench

Revered alumni of Sheffield's Public, Jack Wakelin and Tom Aronica, are embarking on their own venture. Imbibe took a seat to talk exclusively with Wakelin about Bench Opening a new venue in any climate is a brave move. To do it during a global pandemic is surely bonkers?

Opening in a pandemic: Hospitality operators on how they did it

Opening a new venue during a global pandemic is surely something no sensible person would do? But hospitality operators don't always play safe, which explains the swathe of bars and restaurants launching now. Millie Milliken asks a handful of operators to tell us how they did it.

Inclusion this way: Making hospitality spaces trans-friendly

Debate around transphobia flooded Twitter this summer, and transgender inclusivity continues to be an important conversation. Millie Milliken talks to the on-trade about how we can make our hospitality spaces more welcoming to the trans community I didn't think I'd be writing about J.K Rowling in an on-trade drinks magazine.

In the house: The UK on-trade making their own products

From wines and beers to spirits and mixers, bars and restaurants across the UK are increasingly making their own products. Millie Milliken talks to the people who are doing it their own way 'I'd like to get everything branded off the back bar,' James Banks tells me boldly on a crisp winter's afternoon in the Yorkshire countryside.

Behind closed doors

With the capital enjoying a flurry of openings this year and next, we take a look at the best private members clubs for events

SquareMeal Christmas
Sherry on top

We set four bartenders the challenge of creating and mixing their best sherry cocktails for Christmas

At your service

London's hotels are on the up and taking over town. Book your group in to enjoy some of the city's most exciting new event spaces

SquareMeal Christmas
(In)house party

Wave goodbye to the naff office do – and say hello to an on-site celebration with money saving, motivation and millennials in mind


Timeout Riyadh
5 best meditation classes in Riyadh

It’s been a tough couple of years and for a lot of people, a chance to stop and reflect has also meant some well-deserved time to set aside for more holistic endeavours. Endeavours like meditation.

This is how it feels to live with body dysmorphia

skip to main content "Until now, I have never told people about my disorder..." What was the first thing you thought about this morning? Work? How much sleep you'd had? Regret over drinking that extra glass of wine last night? For me, and probably for you, it can be all of the above in any given week.

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Into Africa

Elephant spotting on safari, snorkelling with dolphins and dancing across the Equator - honeymooners will need to rewrite their bucket lists after a trip to Kenya

An open letter to the three women I saw crying in public

skip to main content Stylist logo Open site navigation Close site navigation Copyright © 2010-2018 Stylist People "I felt completely helpless and yet entirely responsible. But I did nothing." To the three women I haven't been able to forget, I hope you're well. You don't know me. In fact, I don't know you.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Jersey | SUITCASE Magazine

It may not have the sexiest reputation, but Jersey packs an impressive punch for a long weekend thanks to sandy beaches, sprawling vineyards, Michelin-starred restaurants and boutique accommodation - despite being just nine miles long and six miles wide.

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Destination focus: Palma

With a big new congress centre and neighbouring Magaluf bene ting from a timely rebranding, Majorca’s capital is a MICE destination to watch

SquareMeal Beyond
Away days

Tired of archery, It's a Knockout and treasure hunts? Avoid the eye rolls and send your group on one of these unusal teambuilding days

Summits of success

From its mountain peaks to the cities at their feet, the dramatic canton of Bern has venues to suit a variety of events. We went up high to take it all in

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Brides of their time

We take a look at the most iconic bridal outfits in recent history

Scene change

As the curtain falls on its biggest ever redevelopment, we explore what £80m has done for our good old National theatre

Culture + entertainment

How Frasier's Roz Doyle flew the flag for feminism

skip to main content Stylist logo Open site navigation Close site navigation Copyright © 2010-2018 Stylist Life Posted by Millie Milliken Published Is the woman who 'once had three dates on a single Saturday and still had time to defrost my refrigerator and rotate my tyres' the ultimate feminist TV hero?

5 of the best true crime shows to stream in this heat

In case you don't know, there's a heat wave in the UK at the moment (of course you do, we're all chuffing on about it). The restless nights, the sweaty palms, the acute nausea; symptoms we've all become bedfellows with in recent days.

An American in Paris, Dominion Theatre

Words: Millie Milliken Photos: Johan Persson After a recent viewing of the original 1951 film of An American in Paris, it was hard for us to imagine anyone other than Gene Kelly in the role of ex-GI Jerry Mulligan. But then we saw Robert Fairchild in this new West End supershow.

Goosebumps Alive at The Vaults

R.L. Stines's grotesque Goosebumps stories were responsible for many a sleepless night during my 90s childhood. But I'm older now. I'm not scared of living dummies or creepy masks - am I? As I make my way into The Vaults under Waterloo Station, I'm beginning to wonder.

The Master Builder, The Old Vic

The last 12 months have been busy for Ralph Fiennes. You'd think taking on the responsibility of heading up MI6 for Daniel Craig's 007 would keep him fully occupied but, lucky for us, that's not so.

Hamlet, Barbican

We joined a packed audience to witness the spectacle of the year, and it didn't disappoint