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Michael Barnes

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My holy trinity is strong coffee, hoppy craft beer, and a bowl of pho.



The Oak Leaf
Ask SRJC: New Burbank Auditorium, new name?

Luther Burbank was an innovative horticulturalist who lends his name to buildings throughout our community. He was also the secretary of Santa Rosa's Chinese Removal Project. As Santa Rosa Junior College renovates the Burbank Auditorium during its centennial year, should the name of the building remain? We asked SRJC community members.

North Bay Bohemian

Sole Man

Santa Rosa native Dominic Ciambrone finds peace through sneakers.

North Bay Bohemian
Mosh Split

Santa Rosa's local DIY/punk scene struggles to survive in a post-wildfire Sonoma County.

North Bay Bohemian
Beer, Not Borders

The rise of Latinos in Santa Rosa's overflowing craft beer scene is a satisfying change.

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