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Pine Tree Watch

Pine Tree Watch
The Legacy of Maine Governor Paul LePage

No matter what your opinion of Paul LePage is, it's safe to say that his two terms as governor have added up to a contentious tenure. As Attorney General Janet Mills gets set to be Maine's first female governor, Pine Tree Watch examines LePage's run.

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Healthcare IT News
Partners HealthCare showcases 3 innovative analytics use cases

Most hospitals use analytics to improve quality and drive cost efficiencies, but some leverage data in more innovative ways than others. In Boston this week, leaders from Partners HealthCare showcase the creative use cases for number-crunching.

Healthcare IT News
Big changes ahead for healthcare, says practical futurist Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is a self-described "practical futurist." He's "not interested in flying cars," he explained. "I'm interested in things that will actually happen." (True, flying cars could still happen too - "but we've been promised them since 1958," he said).

Healthcare IT News
CISOs offer insights into patch management strategies

It's an inconvenient truth that much of healthcare still runs on legacy software. Whether it's operating systems or medical devices, the security implications of depending on vulnerable and unsupported technologies are serious, putting HIPAA compliance and patient safety at risk.

Healthcare IT News
Innovative UT pilot develops platform to help providers adopt digital health tools

Healthcare is complicated. There's no getting around it. Which is why hospital leaders should be extremely skeptical of individual technologies that say they can fix it, says Lynda Chin, MD, executive director for real-world education detection and intervention at The University of Texas System and professor at Dell Medical School.

Healthcare IT News
UNC Health Care shares how it reached peak analytics maturity

The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model has long been a valuable methodology for hospitals and health systems to assess their implementation and use of information technology. More and more providers have matured in their capabilities in recent years, and now hospitals are routinely reaching Stages 6 and 7, the top rankings of the framework.

Healthcare IT News
Why blockchain could transform the very nature of EHRs

The variety of potential blockchain deployments in healthcare is getting wider. When ONC put forth its call for white papers in its blockchain challenge, for instance, it received more than 70 submissions earlier this year, exploring everything from medication reconciliation to alternative payment models.

Healthcare IT News
How smart pump EHR integration could save a community hospital $2 million

Dave Baumgardner, chief information officer at Dover, Ohio-based Union Hospital, said there was one primary driver for the decision to link the hospital's 160 or so smart infusion pumps with its Meditech electronic health record system. "First of all, for patient safety and quality," said Baumgardner. "Those were the main drivers.

Healthcare IT News
MIT projects explore machine learning applications to improve EHRs

Two new studies from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory shed light on ways machine learning can improve electronic health records and predictive analytics to help physicians make more informed decisions. As doctors grapple with a profusion data across multiple systems, with charts documented in varying degrees of consistency, the challenges of putting it all to use for real-time decision-making is acute.

Healthcare IT News
The next big thing in AI, emotional intelligence, could give hospitals a competitive edge

As Amazon's Alexa makes "herself" comfortable in more and more homes, she and similar artificial intelligence technologies could soon be having an impact on hospitals. AI-based virtual assistants are evolving quickly, and more and more effort is being put into making them emotionally intelligent - able to pick up on subtle cues in speech, inflection or gesture to assess a person's mood and feelings.

Healthcare IT News
Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk trade jabs over power of AI

Two technology titans are in a verbal sparring match about the perils and promise of artificial intelligence in healthcare and beyond. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has recently been on a " billion-dollar crusade to stop the AI apocalypse," advocating for proactive regulations on a technology he seems to see as something of a Pandora's box.

Healthcare IT News
Weill Cornell uses HL7 to help integrate structured genomic data into Epic EHR

One of the frustrating challenges in putting precision medicine to work more widely for clinical care is integrating complex and voluminous genomic data into the EHR. Instead, in most cases, "we use a very highly interoperable standard for such material called 'PDF,'" joked Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO John Halamka, MD, when he spoke at the Healthcare IT News Precision Medicine Summit in Boston earlier this month.

Healthcare IT News
Blockchain and healthcare privacy laws just don't mix

Attorney Sharon Klein first started thinking seriously about blockchain's implications for healthcare about 18 months ago. And she's hardly the only one. Blockchain has been attracting a lot of attention in healthcare, with many technology stakeholders excited about the potential the new data storage paradigm could hold for cybersecurity and interoperability.

Healthcare IT News
An EHR optimization that actually wins over physicians?

Like all healthcare CIOs, Joel Vengco, chief information officer at Springfield, Massachusetts-based Baystate Health, has no shortage of pressing projects competing for his attention. Whether it's working to drive operational efficiencies across the $2.5 billion health system, improving the usability of an array of applications for clinical end users, spearheading community engagement and patient outreach for population health management or working on analytics and "knowledge management," it...

Healthcare IT News
CIO: Managing business associates, 3rd-party privacy risk isn't so easy

Speaking at HIMSS17 this past month, security consultant Kevin Johnson made the point that far too many health organizations still "don't truly understand" the array of security threats they face. It's not just nefarious hackers, he said. The privacy risk posed by negligence from trusted third-parties such as vendors and other business associates is "astronomical."

Healthcare IT News
John Boehner at HIMSS17: Most of the ACA's framework will stay in place

ORLANDO - In a joint appearance at HIMSS17 on Thursday, former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Democratic former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell took part in a lively back-and-forth discussion about the future of the Affordable Care Act, the value of health IT and the prospects for Donald Trump's presidency.

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