Mike Zawacki

Content Creator, Story Teller, and Editor

United States

I’m a seasoned storyteller with 30 years of experience as an award-winning writer, journalist, editor, and creative thinker. I've crafted compelling content on countless topics and interviewed fascinating people from all walks of life, but I found my true north in empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I enjoy collaborating with others to develop content solutions for their projects, products, services, and publications. I can unlock your voice to better connect with your audience by composing, editing, and improving content that resonates, builds trust, and drives results. I author engaging articles and social media posts that get noticed. And most importantly, I respect deadlines, so you’ll get exceptional content delivered on time,

Here are some examples of my most recent work, as well as a link to my resume.

Landscape Management Magazine February 2024
Solutions That Work

How combination products can make your lawn care strategy more efficient Experts share how these products can reduce costs and enhance client satisfaction ...

Landscape Management January 2024
Irrigation Tech

Is it time to cut the cord on your irrigation system? Industry experts explain why wireless technology innovations can address irrigation shortcomings and ...

Landscape Management January 2024
Business Boosters

Why communication with customers is key to ornamental success Landscape experts offer proven strategies to make intelligent ornamental choices while satisfying ...

Greenhouse Management
A bug's life

Costa Farms' North Carolina operation relies on beneficial organisms for its IPM program, resulting in more sustainable growing practices. Here are the keys to launching a similar program at your facility.

Nursery Management
Seeing is believing

Windmill Nursery's transition to regenerative agriculture demonstrates the critical role of leadership and culture in driving growth and success.

Landscape Management
Strong communication a key to organic turf care

Consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services has skyrocketed in recent years. If you're starting to meet this demand, organic lawn care professionals offer some insights for managing client expectations with alternative programs. Today's consumers are accustomed to instant gratification, but converting from conventional to organic lawn care takes time and patience.

Landscape Management
Get smart with the help of some drought-busting tools

Widespread periods of no rain and water restrictions are no longer limited to the Sun Belt. Many communities face drought conditions and are regulating water use to preserve local aquifers. Therefore, it's critical landscape and irrigation contractors assist clients in adhering to these mandates, which may differ from market to market.

Landscape Management Magazine
Want To Add Battery-Powered Equipment To Your Fleet?

As landscape pros abandon gas-powered mowers and handheld equipment for battery-powered alternatives, perhaps it's time to consider plugging your maintenance operation into this trend.

Landscape Management
Use scheduling software to get a leg up on your business

Nearly every landscape or lawn care professional seeks ways to improve their services, reduce callbacks, improve client communications and manage their operation more efficiently. Here are some ways scheduling software makes it possible to be more effective, more productive and more profitable.

Landscape Management
Unlocking the strengths of fleet management software

Fledgling landscape companies often deploy a patchwork of online software solutions to manage their daily operations. This is understandable, especially when operating on tight budgets and tighter margins. However, as businesses grow, it's critical to integrate professional-grade software platforms, especially for fleet management, because the tangible benefits outweigh the costs.

Nursery Management
The Perfect Pair

The bond that drew Mark and Jolly Krautmann together proved the right combination for success, innovation and environmental stewardship for their nursery, Heritage Seedlings.

Landscape Management
So you want to add pool installations? Here's what you need to know

Backyard pools provide residential clients with ambiance, entertainment and exercise opportunities, and they potentially increase property values. For the landscape contractor, pool installation is an attractive addition to a company's design/build capabilities. It can heighten a business's professional profile, expand service offerings and meet market demand.

Landscape Management Magazine
Don't Get Left Behind By Technology

Robotic and artificial intelligence technology influences nearly every industry and job function. How is the landscape industry adapting? Insiders share why you should stay with or ahead of the technology curve.

Irrigation & Lighting
Control where it counts

Pressure regulation has established itself as one of the most direct ways to manage water use in an irrigation system.

Landscape Management
How rain and freeze sensors can benefit your clients

Simple rain and freeze sensors prevent residential and commercial irrigation systems from running when weather and climate conditions deem irrigation unnecessary. Early versions of the sensors, still in use, are hardwired between the sensor and the controller.

Irrigation & Lighting
Everyday carry

Among outdoor enthusiasts, the term "everyday carry" refers to the valuable and essential items these individuals require on their persons every day. An outdoor enthusiast, for example, may have a compass, a flint and steel, a reliable map, a good wristwatch and a pouch of granola.

Irrigation & Lighting
Right Tools for the Job

The adage "use the right tool for the job" never gets old. Whether installing a new system or troubleshooting a service call, essential tools are linked to a lighting contractor's success.

Equip Magazine
Pool Party

Pool projects require a team of collaborative contractors. Learn how to get into this profitable business at Equip Expo 2022.

Snow Magazine
NOTEBOOK: Swim In Black Ink

The economy may have you struggling to stay afloat, but there is no need to drown in red ink. Three keys to surviving inflationary business conditions you can employ today.

The Snow Magazine Podcast

Providing useful information to the professional snow and ice management industry to improve business operations and boost profitability.

Nursery Management
Moon shot

Nursery and landscape professionals have an inherent interest in the environment and all things green. But what if there was a way to focus this interest into a program that not only strengthened your sustainability efforts, but also grew your operation, addressed business and labor challenges, and strengthened your company's bottom line?

Snow Magazine
Bullish on Snow & Ice

Despite lingering uncertainty due to COVID-19 and a lagging global economy, last year was a record year for M&A activity. On a global level, 2021 saw more than $5 trillion in global M&A volume, according to some estimates, which surpassed prior records.

Snow Magazine
Hunting Big Game

In the snow and ice management industry, the average contractor starts out small tending local gas stations, pharmacies and the occasional church parking lot. But if they stick with it long enough and enjoy success, contractors being to set their sights on more ambitious properties such as HOAs, retail centers and modest business complexes.

Snow Magazine
Sexy Beast

There's a monster roaming the equipment yard, and it may be a heavy-metal creature snow and ice management contractors shouldn't fear. Case has uncaged the Minotaur DL55 compact dozer loader, a first of its kind hybrid of a bulldozer and compact loader the heavy-equipment manufacturer says is equipped with 21 patents and field tested for more than 10,000 hours.

Snow Magazine
Editor's Column: Failure and Leadership

The commercial and residential snow and ice removal industry is made up of more than 40,000 contractors, nearly three-quarters of whom work in the lawn and landscape market during the warmer months.