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I've written across media and excelled at it. My specialty is bridging the gap between advertising insight and contextual content around a brand or a product.

Mad Max Returns To The Screen On May 15, 2015

Get ready for an expertly crafted assault on your senses, as George Miller's Mad Max returns with its fourth and most graphic installment yet. Almost 30 years after Mad Max last lit up the screen with his epic Aussie road warrior adventure, he's back in Mad Max 4: The Fury Road.

The Score Magazine :: August 2012

Featuring Sona Mahopatra and Ramsampath on the cover, the latest edition of The Score Magazine dwells into the music of Satyamev Jayate. Inside we talk about LoG coming to India and a whole lot more. Grab the lastest copy of The Score Magazine to get upto date on the latest and greatest of Indian music.