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Life in the expat bubble: How a language barrier helped me live in blissful isolation

For many global nomads, the expat bubble means never having to encounter a utility bill or suffer the ignominy of traveling economy class on a long-haul visit home. Yet contrary...

The Sydney Morning Herald

"We both had mushroom haircuts": the BFFs from age 5

Psychologist Amelia Frid (left), and learning and development consultant Yulia Zlatkin, both 41, have been best friends since arriving in Melbourne by boat from Russia as...

The Age

Who owns the family name: what happens when a marital tie comes undone

I ran the gamut when deciding whether to change my last name after getting married. I contemplated honeymoon bathing suits with "Mrs" tastefully inscribed across the rear in...


Why gluten-free may not be the healthy choice you think it is

Avoiding gluten may be the health fad of the moment, but there's nothing healthy about many of the products labelled 'gluten-free'. When my daughter was diagnosed with...

The Age

The hardest part of moving overseas is the reverse culture shock of coming home

"You're so brave" was the most common response when we announced that we would be moving overseas to the Netherlands. Within 12 months the plan had grown from an idea over the...

Washington Post

Parenting lessons I learned from raising kids overseas

The Dutch are tough. Go-home-a-few-hours-after-giving-birth tough. Tylenol is the favored form of pain relief, whether you have the flu or have just had a C-section. Think your...

Daily Life

How bitter experience makes us the best advocates for change

Through her tragic personal experience Rosie Batty reframed the national conversation on domestic violence. Photo: Thom Rigney He's a self proclaimed "crocodile farming, raging...


Happy vs. high achieving: What ought to be our parenting objective?

Happiness was the last thing on my mind when the Netherlands welcomed me with a cocktail of jet lag and neck pain. The jet lag subsided, but my neck still hasn't forgiven me for...

Washington Post

Are they the world's most relaxed moms? What we can all learn from the Dutch.

Studies have found that Dutch children are the happiest kids in the world, and that their mothers are pretty happy too. After seven years of living among them, I think there's a...


Parenting as an expat: The Dutch taught me how to loosen up and give my kids some much-needed...

Parenting as an expat in the Netherlands means surrounding your own children with some of the most confident, self-possessed and happy children in the world. On good days, I...


I'm Raising My 3 Kids Overseas and It's Not Always Easy

It was a straightforward plan: Take our three and one year-old to live in Europe, stay for a year, maybe two, and then return in time for the eldest to start school.

Essential Kids

Helping children to say goodbye

"Are you getting a divorce? Did someone die?" My 10-year-old daughter looks at me with a panic that alerts her younger sisters to the seriousness of the family talk we're about...


Where to Travel | Roaming Round Russia

Forget escaping to white beaches, or skiing down black runs in the French Alps, a mid-winter escape calls for vodka and semi automatic weapons. At least that was my thinking as...


How German Christmas Markets Are Actually Pretty Jewish

I've lived in Europe for the past seven years and not a winter has passed without us bundling our three kids into the car, throwing in a pile of jackets, hats, scarves, and...

The Mid

Why Dutch Children Are The Happiest In The World (And What We Can Learn From Them)

Dutch children are regularly found to be the happiest in the world, according to those who measure these things. And as an expat raising children in the Netherlands, it's easy...


I Had a Dutch-Style Home Birth and Here's Why It Was Awesome

When I had my first baby I wasn't taking any chances. I wasn't only delivering her in hospital, under the care of my very experienced (and good looking) OB/GYN, but the hospital...

The Huffington Post UK

Winning at Life: Five Ways the Dutch Do It Better

The Dutch are a contented lot, but it's not tulip fields and clogs that are keeping them happy. Over in the Netherlands they've worked out the ways to make life for themselves...

The Huffington Post UK

Why Dutch Children Are the Happiest in the World (And What We Can Learn From It)

Dutch children are regularly found to be the happiest in the world, according to those who measure these things. And as an expat raising children in the Netherlands it's easy to...

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Travelling alone after kids

EK Family Travel The joys of solo travel ... Photo: Getty The first time I travelled by myself overseas there wasn't a Contiki tour, cheap beer or youth hostel in sight. There...