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My childhood and teenaged years were spent in the Mediterranean like climate of central California. I was first recognized for my writing at age 10. Always quietly observing the world around me; I would sit at my computer for hours spinning reality into fiction. From age 10 until present day I have consistently used the written word to process emotionally and intellectually.

Astrology, tarot and spirituality became a cornerstone in my life at age 19. Astrology immediately became deeply ingrained in my day to day thought process. Over the course of 14 years I have done countless tarot counseling sessions (verbal and written). I possess the ability to cast astrology charts and understand them. I have done private astrology consultation intermittently. As I move and evolve through this life astrology and tarot help to guide me. At the age of 33 I realized it was time to become a teacher while maintaining my role as a lifelong student. I do my very best to be clear, objective and authentic in my writing. It is my art and a labor of love.

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"Threads of Yoga" In Retrospect

Threads of Yoga : a remix of patanjali-s sutra-s, with commentary and reverie By Mr. Matthew S Remski When one is presented with the word "yoga" an infinite variety of images are summoned depending on the individual. From spiritual jazzercise to religion; yoga has many facades.

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Reviewing The Bhagavad Gita

A pocket sized book that carries a powerful punch, but don't let that mislead you. The Gita will undoubtedly stir something inside those who choose to explore its pages. In the Bhagavad Gita we are transported to a battlefield. Two opposing forces approach one another. Much care is given to describe the nature of the...

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What is Astrology?

How can anyone begin to accurately depict what this word means in a short concise sentence? I have mused over this simple yet complex question for nearly a month. My answer to you is this. It all depends on who you talk to.