Micky Stuivenberg

Freelance writer


International writer and editor with 20 years' experience working in media and communications.

Former online journalist at The Straits Times (Singapore) and editor of Travel Etc. | Business & Leisure magazine (the Netherlands).

I write for a living. Since 2008, I've been running a successful copywriting business from my home in Coffs Harbour (NSW) Australia, specialising in web content. I know how to tell a story and write it up succinctly.

I have always enjoyed feature and travel writing and am hoping to starting doing some more freelance writing again soon.

Since the late 1990s, I have had a few dozen stories published in various print publications, but having moved countries several times I don't have clippings of many of these stories. Below is a small selection from the last decade.

On The Road magazine
An Angler's Paradise

Five-page feature story about the village of Wooli in Northern NSW

The Straits Times
Hiss to stay in shape

Article about Pilates and its usefulness on long flights, published in Singapore's main English-language newspaper