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Experts Advise Against This Viral Blackhead Removing Hack

A Korean beauty blogger's unusual blackhead removal hack has gone viral, along with a video showing her removing the blemishes from her face. However, dermatologists are warning against the bizarre method, offering a grave warning about the "terrible" trick. Read on below to find out more.

Behind The Mask: Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid To Go Makeup-Free

Kim Kardashian. Blake Lively. Rihanna. Women around the world are constantly flooded with images of female celebrities who have the perfect bodies, hair, and skin. But lately, it seems as if there's been a turn in the tide. Nowadays, more and more stars are starting to reject the pressure to appear picture-perfect, especially when it comes to makeup.

Shaveducking: Are You Attracted To Him Or His Beard?

Picture this: You're swiping through Tinder when you come across a dude. He's hot. Like, really hot. You swipe right, and he swipes right too. A match! You meet up and all is going well... But then, you notice something peculiar: You can't tell if he's actually attractive anymore.

The Kind Of Lover You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Want to know the kind of lover you are in a relationship? Turn to the stars for some answers. While you might think you know the type of person you are at work or at home, when it comes to love, things can get a bit, well, tricky.

Can The Season You Were Born In Predict Your Mental Health?

For most people, horoscopes are just things you do to waste time or to relate to each other. They're also good conversation starters, especially on dates. Still, the question remains: Can your birthday actually predict some things about you? Some research points to yes. Read on below to find out more.

Hermès Opens a New Boutique

Now nestled amongst the innumerable art galleries, retail shops, design showrooms, and cafés in Miami's Design District is the new and chic Hermès boutique, a temporary location preceding the major Hermès flagship store predicted to open in late 2014.