Michelle Parayil

Conversational AI Experience Design Leader | Content Strategist | Product Developer

United Arab Emirates

I've been in love with words and technology for most of my life and have, fortunately, been able to put both to use since 2014.

I'm currently a Conversational Experience Design Consultant. I specialise in helping enterprises establish and scale their Conversation AI Product strategy for maximum business impact.

My last role was as Conversation Design Manager at Haptik, responsible for leading the team that designs Haptik's enterprise virtual assistants. As a founding member of the Conversation Design team at Haptik, I've held the mantles of copywriter, marketer and even project manager for a short while!

I've been freelancing since 2014 and samples of my work in writing and design can be seen below. To preserve client anonymity, I have not posted samples of resumes(over 5 clients) and social media posts.

When I'm not working, I enjoy helping out grammatically-challenged souls, bookworming, finding funny things on the Internet and cake.


Evangelism and Speaking Engagements

On Conversational AI

Jio Haptik
Conversation Design Playbook

I created Haptik's Playbook on Conversation Design which in turn led to the creation of this public documentation which is the primary resource for Haptik's Conversation Design team.

Android App by Haptik
Conversation Design for Rembo

Created chatbot flows, defined UX journeys, managed a digital presence for Rembo — a productivity and reminder chatbot with the personality of a ninja by Haptik.

Chatbots Life
How A Chatbot Can Help Your Healthcare Business

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare might seem like a strange juxtaposition. This is especially true given that good healthcare requires the empathy that only a human medical practitioner can provide. However, chatbots and health have a history of working well together.

IoT For All
What Is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI and chatbots are now a core part of any business plan. Read our exhaustive guide to learn the meaning and impact of bots on your business.

Website Development, UX Writing & Marketing Design

Believers Relief Trust
Website Design + Development

Designed and developed the website for BRT - a non-profit charitable organisation based in Kerala, India

Freelance Design Project
Da Varal Group Brochures

Ideated, designed and wrote the entire brochure for the School Consultancy group.