Michelle Johnson

United States

Hello! My name is Michelle. I'm a freelance blogger and engineering professional based out of Columbus, Ohio. I provide Christian writing in non-fiction, long and short-form articles, and devotionals, as well as website design using Wix themes.

I grew up dancing, loving the Buckeyes, and illustrating my own short stories. My expertise may be in Engineering, but my passion is Christian writing.

Through my writing, I like to convey my motto: "you'll never change the world by trying to be like it". You can catch a glimpse of some of my favorite work below!

mochas & miracles
3 Helpful Verses for Trust Issues

It's hard to admit, but I have major trust issues. When I was a little girl, I was too gullible. At home, my parents would warn me day after day not to trust people. They lie, cheat and steal, they would say. Even people in the Bible who were really good and chosen by God...

mochas & miracles
2 Ways to Be Content in Our Season

A few months ago I had the privilege of connecting with a woman named Tyla Howard. For those of you who don't know her, she is the founder of She the Roar, an organization of "lionhearted women who love fiercely and champion God's purpose". Pretty much from the moment I met her, I knew she...

mochas & miracles
3 Reasons Why Pursuing Failure is A Good Thing

The world makes us believe the equation that us failing = we are a failure. The world tries to warp our minds into thinking that those who are successful don't fail and they follow a path that gives them whatever they want. I've observed that the perception the world has is the people at the...

mochas & miracles
What People Never Tell You {Marriage Edition}

Recently it has occurred to me that one of my favorite writing themes is illustrating advice through past struggles, so today I thought I'd start a mini-series with the thing I've been learning the most recently: {what people never tell you} when it comes to marriage.

mochas & miracles
Being Thankful for the Closed Doors

Lately I have been feeling a lot like Sarah in the Bible: impatient and desperate for God's promises. These past three months in Columbus have been some of the most joy-and-blessing-filled moments of my entire life; nonetheless they have also been overflowing with fits of confusion, heartache, and temptation to take things into my own...

mochas & miracles
3 Things the Bible DOESN'T Say About Beauty

I know this might seem obvious, but lately I have been noticing just how obsessed our world is with vanity, beauty, and outward appearances. Like seriously friends, let's just take a moment to pause and observe. The next time you get on Instagram, try and count the number of posts you see in two minutes by...

mochas & miracles
What Joy Really Means

What is joy? Like what is real, genuine, awesome joy? This question I have been struggling with for quite some time now. You would think it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out. I mean, look around you! Everyone seems to be SO happy with their lives! Take Instagram for example.

mochas & miracles
A Soul Seeking Passion

Lately I've been beginning to question what I'm meant to actually do with my life. I know I'm an engineer and that's what I got my degree in, but is it really my passion? Is it something I'm willing to devote my entire life to for the cause?

Simcha Natan
The Modern Refresh: 31-Day Journaling Challenge

Have you ever felt like there's something wrong with you? It wasn't until college that I realized there was one thing missing in my relationship with the Lord: diving deep into reading the Bible. For the next 31 days we will be reading through various verses to help us understand how God desires to do new things in our lives., and to use them for His good. Get ready for a life-changing month!

She the Roar
Craving Constancy: A Study on Betrayal

Have you ever felt as though the friends you've invested so much in all of a sudden disappear? Have you been noticing the brokenness of the world more and more lately? Then you are in the right place.