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I transform thoughts, ideas, and group brainstorms into compelling content. Below is a roundup of my favorite pieces. Enjoy!

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Behind the Beard

Joch Anderson, a 39-year old FAU student, usually hangs out in the Student Union between classes or just strolls around campus like any other student would. Though his actions aren't particularly out of the ordinary, his long beard, sun hat and unusual appearance gives students the opposite impressi

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Here are Three Standout Features About AmaMagna

Launched in May, AmaWaterways' AmaMagna is redefining the river cruise experience. According to AmaWaterways' official press release, this innovative new ship is the brainchild of AmaWaterways' Co-founder and President Rudi Schreiner.

Travel Planners International
Here's Why You Should Be Using a Travel Advisor

This past Wednesday, Carnival Cruise Line hosted their first ever Why Use a Travel Advisor party (WUATA) in Orlando, FL. The fun, two-hour public event featured talks from amazing industry leaders on the benefits and value of using a travel advisor to book your next vacation.

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How a Travel Advisor Kept His Business Running from a Burger King

Our agents are total Rockstars! They're hustlin' day in and out, curating the perfect getaways for their clients. So much so that even when tragedy hits, one Rockstar agent went above and beyond to make sure he was still there for his clients. This Rockstar agent is Nelson Rochet.

Will You Tell Your Clients What You Believe In?

This shouldn't come as news to you but in the last few months, there's been a lot of divisive and sensitive topics circulating the media. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, everyone from your Uncle Joe to huge corporations are letting everyone know exactly how they feel.

3 Surefire Ways to Transform Your Side Hustle Into a Full-time Gig

If you're reading this, it probably means you've established a nice side-hustle for yourself. By now, you should have the basics down, your commission checks are rolling in more frequently and you've captured a few loyal clients. Now, it's time to catapult your side hustle into a full-time gig.

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Here's What Happened During Rock Your Travel Biz Atlanta

We've completed their first stop of five for Rock Your Travel Biz [RYTB on March 2nd in Atlanta, GA. This is the second time we've hosted our RYTB regional conferences as well picked Atlanta as a stop. The conference sold out with over 50 TPI agents and featured 23 suppliers!

3 Super Simple Steps to Supersize Your Commission

Wave Season is winding down but that doesn't mean your commission checks should take a hit. Now's the perfect time to assess your profitability and make any changes needed to continue on course. However, there's no need to struggle to find a profitable solution!

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Forget Tradition - It's Time to Join the Celebrity Revolution!

Gone are the days of blasé decor, dated technology, and traditional cruising experience. The Celebrity Revolution - brought to you by Celebrity Cruises - is finally here and it's ushering a new era of cruising. And this isn't your standard makeover - it's a $500-million transformation that brings their existing fleet to the Edge.

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Travel Planners International's Celebrating A Huge Milestone

In 1988, one gallon of gas cost 91 cents, the Bruce Willis classic Die Hard premiered, and the Gagliano family started a little tour company named American Tour and Recreational ( psst: that was our original name). Fast-forward 30 years, now we're a sales, marketing, and support agency that partners with 4,100+ travel agents across the United States!

New Beauty Magazine
Best Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Here we highlight seven of the newest anti-aging hand creams that every woman should keep in her skin care arsenal.

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