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Hi! My name is Michele Crew and I am a content writer in Dayton, OH. I have five years of experience writing blogs, articles, and content for websites in various industries, including law, plumbing, finance, excavating, news, and so much more. Each project I have completed is SEO optimized and written in AP Style. I'm currently searching for freelance opportunities and want to provide you with a portfolio of my favorite work throughout the years.

Plumbing Contractor | Los Angeles, CA

If you're looking for a plumbing contractor in Los Angeles, CA, turn to the team at JP Merlos Plumbing & Rooter. Call (323) 428-6002 today.

Champion City News
New Owners Bring Life to Local Bookstore and Coffee Shop - Champion City News

When Michelle Hinojosa and her husband, Anthony, bought Agapé Books Coffee Shoppe Décor it wasn't what they had planned. Located at 1127 N. Bechtel Ave in Springfield, the shop was previously known as Beacon of Hope and Kairos Coffee. The owners of Beacon of Hope and Kairos Coffee were ready to retire.

Investments & Online Stock trading
Student Loans: Be Informed | Investments & Online Stock trading

With the excitement of college, comes the stress of how to pay for it. After grants, scholarships and college savings are exhausted, it's time to turn to student loans. Just like any other loan, it's important to be informed and make economical decisions.

EF Hutton Talks
Data access: An unprotected human right - EF Hutton Talks

As the digital world significantly grows, user data has become more accessible for businesses to collect for their own use. In April, Facebook brought this issue to light when the company harvested the data of 87 million users and sold it to Cambridge Analytica.

Veterans service speeds up benefits

The Disabled American Veterans mobile service unit came to Springfield on Monday for the first time to assist veterans with benefits claims, and many of them came hoping to speed up the application process. Veteran Charles Northern was one of them as he sought to accelerate an appeal he's filed for benefits.

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