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Michael Vinci

Multimedia Journalist

Location icon United States

I am a journalist looking for employment. I am experienced in producing, reporting, writing and social media analytics. I have worked for organizations such as WGBH's NOVA, The Massachusetts Department of Travel and Tourism, WERS "You Are Here" public affairs show and was recently Executive Managing Editor for Verge Campus Emerson.

Technophobia: How Self-Driving Cars Can Help by You Are Here From WERS

As self-driving cars develop technology to a point where their use is feasible, their benefits and drawbacks are starting to enter into the public consciousness. According to a Time Magazine article, self-driving cars could save countless lives but you would have to give up your right to drive.

You Are Here Halloween Special: October 29th, 2017 by You Are Here From WERS

Hosted by Madison Rogers Reporting this week was Michael Vinci, Jolin Cheng, and Jackson Ellison. ------ Our theme is called "Dancing Old Man," and it was written/produced by Taylor Goodman Check out his Bandcamp page here: All other music provided courtesy of, unless otherwise specified.

University of Pennsylvania program helps students with disabilities

Joselito "Josie" Torres is 19 years old, but until recently he had never made a purchase at a store by himself. He never rode the subway, nor had he bought a ticket to a museum on his own. But when Torres attended the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education VAST LIFE program for teenagers with disabilities, that all changed.

Verge Campus
Why are Women Suddenly Clambering to Receive IUD's?

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Tom Price as his Health and Human Services advisor. Both Trump and Tom Price have promised to overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which currently offers women free birth control. Many American women are receiving IUD's as a proactive step to protect themselves.

American Health Care Act moves to showdown on House floor

Many Republicans are eager to pass the American Healthcare Act, or AHCA. However, a minority of Republicans in Congress are reluctant to embrace their own replacement for Obamacare. On the far right, opposition comes from the House's conservative Freedom Caucus. Two of the Caucus' founders, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Rep.

Greece and Eurozone financiers agree to negotiate economy fixes

Greece and its Eurozone financiers agreed on Monday to negotiate a deal to overhaul the nation's lagging economy. The goal of the agreement is to establish pension and tax reforms in the hopes of bolstering and avoiding bankruptcy. While an agreement was made, a deal was not.

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