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VUE magazine
Shaping the Future at Osteria Crescendo - VUE magazine

The first time I met Chef Robbie Felice, it was just after the opening of his first restaurant, Viaggio. The then 26-year-old wowed me and my dinner companions with his house-made pastas and big food IQ.

VUE magazine
A Timepiece Story with Brew Watch Co. - VUE magazine

Jonathan Ferrer started as an intern for Movado. Today, the New Jersey-native has created and designed his own watch brand-all before the age of 30. Amidst the chocolaty aromas and friendly faces that fill the coffee house, 29-year-old Jonathan Ferrer sits as he has for years, blissfully tinkering with one of his timepiece designs.

VUE magazine
Wonder Below - VUE magazine

Beneath the cold northern waters of Lindesnes, Oslo-based architecture workshop, Snøhetta, has created the world's largest underwater restaurant along Norway's southern shore. Waves rush into the coast; white fringed and violent they break against the craggy shore and swamp the air with humid mist.

Vue Magazine
Tuscan Roots - Vue Magazine

In the heart of central Italy, Tuscany has offered travelers the quintessential Italian experience for centuries. The narrow streets of Florence evoke the very essence of the Renaissance and the sun-soaked hills of the countryside have inspired countless pens. Tuscany has long since become a secular mecca-a cultural haven so many of us vow to see before we're dead and gone.

Vue Magazine
Vijonara - Vue Magazine

Photography by Stuart Pearce A strong and favorable wind fills the ship's iconic sails. Its hull knifes through the rhythmic ballad of the Mediterranean Sea, each bounce an elegant bow into the crashing waves below. This graceful dance is both classic and modern-evocative of a bygone era, yet, emblematic of modern imagination.

The Digest
Where To Go When... - The Digest

Congratulations. You've made it this far. That must mean you like to eat. Isn't it obvious by now that we're all food obsessed? We think about food all day. We even have impromptu photoshoots with it. You know what's wrong with us? Nothing. Food is amazing. Great.

VUE magazine
The Future of Grand Touring - Bentley's EXP 100 GT - VUE magazine

To celebrate its 100th birthday, Bentley created the EXP 100 GT, a striking all-electric concept poised to redefine the 21st-century driving experience. As you walk through the corridors of Bentley's 1946 factory in Crewe, England, you can still spot stacks of wood logs and a newspaper clipping-like copy of the U.K.'s 1974 Woodworking Machine Regulations.

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