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Writing and editing professional with expertise in advertising, SEO blogging, editorial, and website design.


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Vue Magazine
The Shape of Things to Come: Inside the Aston Martin DB11 - Vue Magazine

This past fall, Aston Martin debuted its all-new, striking DB11. By the courtesy of Aston Martin Summit/Short Hills, I was fortunate enough to get a look inside the brand's latest (and highly anticipated) model during a private unveiling held at Parlay Studios in Jersey City before its official release.

Vue Magazine
Tuscan Roots - Vue Magazine

In the heart of central Italy, Tuscany has offered travelers the quintessential Italian experience for centuries. The narrow streets of Florence evoke the very essence of the Renaissance and the sun-soaked hills of the countryside have inspired countless pens. Tuscany has long since become a secular mecca-a cultural haven so many of us vow to see before we're dead and gone.

Vue Magazine
Vijonara - Vue Magazine

Photography by Stuart Pearce A strong and favorable wind fills the ship's iconic sails. Its hull knifes through the rhythmic ballad of the Mediterranean Sea, each bounce an elegant bow into the crashing waves below. This graceful dance is both classic and modern-evocative of a bygone era, yet, emblematic of modern imagination.

The Digest
Spicing Up Brunch at Las Olas in Hoboken | The Digest

They say a good brunch is a balancing act between both sweet and savory, but what's brunch without a little spice? Known for $2 taco Tuesdays, BOGO sushi Wednesdays, and endless wings on Thursday, Las Olas in Hoboken has deals for just about every day of the week.

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