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I'm a Los Angeles native interested in exploring what makes the city tick. My specialties include history, events coverage and nightlife, as well as journalistic stunts like spending all day at an Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day. Fact checking experience includes being the sole fact checker on every edition of the late Jonathan Gold's 101 Essential L.A. Restaurants for the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Magazine
For Nearly 30 Years, This Koreatown KFC Has Been a Misunderstood L.A. Landmark

There's a giant chicken at the corner of Western and Oakwood avenues. Some people think it looks like a bucket, the standard receptacle for fried chicken. But to me, it's always been a chicken, its beak pointing northeast, its feathers pointing to the intersection, and its comb stamped with the disembodied head of Colonel Sanders.

My Favorite Taco ~ Jaime Jarrin, Dodgers Spanish Broadcaster ~ L.A. TACO

or 60 years, Jaime Jarrin has been the voice of the Dodgers, providing Spanish-speaking fans with a vivid portrait of the game. Known across Los Angeles for his signature home run call, "¡Se va, se va, se va, y despídala con un beso!" ("It's going, going, going, and kiss it goodbye!"), Jarrin is one of ...

Larchmont Ledger
Bergins' Boys

When the Los Angeles Rams take the field September 10th to kick off their second season back in the City of Angels, fans will be cheering all over town. However, the loudest roars will be coming from Tom Bergin's on Fairfax Avenue.

Larchmont Ledger
A Day in a Deli: 24 Hours at Canter's

FAIRFAX AVENUE-From the morning of July 16th to the morning of July 17th, Ledger contributing writer Michael Darling spent 24 hours at Canter's Delicatessen to document a day in the life of Los Angeles' landmark deli. 5:57 a.m. (July 16th): Arrival.

Millions of Maguires: a Look Inside L.A.'s Most Bizarre New "Video Store"

There aren't many video rental stores left in Los Angeles, but beginning today and running until January 29th, Echo Park will be home to a new one-of-a-kind video store. There are, however, a few catches. The store is actually an art installation that won't actually sell any videos, and every video is a copy of Cameron Crowe's 1997 dramedy Jerry Maguire.

Zack Giffin is big on tiny houses; see his handiwork at California Science Center

The tiny house movement shows no signs of slowing down. Anyone who wants to immerse himself or herself in the phenomenon can opt for magazines, books, websites or the FYI network's "Tiny House Nation," co-hosted by Zack Giffin. Or they can visit the California Science Center, where they can inspect a 170-square-foot tiny house for themselves.

The Muppets Will Take The Hollywood Bowl This Weekend

"It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights. It's time to meet the Muppets on The Muppet Show tonight." That famed refrain will echo through the Hollywood Hills from September 8 to September 10 when the Muppets take the stage at the Hollywood Bowl for a weekend of performances with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

[BETTER KNOW A BARTENDER] The Lost Knight's Rajiv Sinha

Los Feliz is home to some of Los Angeles' best bars and restaurants but how well do you know the bartenders who help keep the party going? This month we sat down with Rajiv Sinha, bartender at The Lost Knight, to discuss his career and favorite drink. Where are you from?

The Best Nautical-Themed Architecture In Los Angeles

Los Angeles used to be famous for its programmatic architecture, (also known as mimetic architecture, and more simply defined as buildings shaped like other things). Some of the more notable examples of the city's programmatic architecture included the late lamented Brown Derby restaurant (shaped like its namesake hat) and the Tail o'the Pup hot dog stand (shaped like a hot dog).