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My passion for writing grew out of extensive research and the ability to write pieces that make a difference. The idea that words can influence a person to try something new, feel empowered and happier is my motivation to try even harder and use my creativity for a purpose.
My interests are vast and my aim is to inspire readers through articles that cover lifestyle, beauty, healthy choices and self-improvement to find inspiration for any aspect of their lives. I work on these areas every day to create the life I want to lead. They are at the core of everything I write about and everything I do.

Addicted to Busy: Managing Stress & Burnout

Living in today's society, we face more challenges than ever. With constant battles in our work and personal life, there's little time to cram in some other goals like staying in shape.

5 Amazing Steps Towards Living a Healthier and Happier Life

The majority of people these days live an extremely hectic life, which unfortunately means that they have almost no free time to relax and let go of all their worries. Being under a lot of pressure can result in a major burnout over time, which is why you need to find some time to improve the quality of your life ASAP.

One Point of View
Healthy Eating 101: Eat Like You Really Love Yourself | One Point of View

You've probably already figured out that food can be both our best friend and worst enemy - depending on from which perspective you're approaching it. A large number of people have actually experienced both sides, and if you're one of them, too, we reckon that mastering the basics of healthy eating can be quite challenging for you, right?

Pamper Yourself on Purpose: It's Healthy, Not a Frivolous Decision

In the busy life of the modern man, everything comes before pampering yourself and making sure you're okay. Stress is usually what runs our lives and we don't do much to cope with it as far as self-care is concerned. This is because we forget it's okay to put ourselves first.

The Cardinal Press
5 Ways for Millennial Women to Keep Burnout At Bay

For all the talk about lazy millennials, none of us seem all that well-rested. We work and work and then work some more, and not just from 9 to 5. Many of us have the thing we call "the primary job" and then "trying to start my own business," or "some freelancing on the side" after the primary working hours are done.

miss JHENZ
Working Long Hours? Here's a Guide to Healthy Food Options - miss JHENZ

No matter what you do, chances are that at one point you'll feel overwhelmed and kind of lost in all the responsibilities, deadlines, and (mis)communication. It's just the way it is today - we work quite a lot, and it is taking its toll on our body, mind, and soul.

Stuart Says by Stuart Brazell, Entertainment Reporter and Lifestyle Blogger
5 Girly Accessories You Never Thought You Might Need

In this day and age where you are constantly bombarded with fashion advice, there are 5 Girly Accessories You Never Thought You Might Need. There's no knowing when you'll need them, but you surely will at one point in your life. These accessories will make you look daring, prepared, confident, and therefore- sexy.

How to Exercise Out of Self-Love-Not Self-Loathing

In today's world, all you see is advice on how to exercise and look fit so as to look good. You shouldn't have stretch marks, any glimpses of fat should be gone, and all sorts of other things. Simply put, you should hate your reflection unless it's perfect, and it will only be perfect through exercise.

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