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The Argentina Independent
Translation: Uruguayuan President Sends Letter of Apology to Haití

(Translated Spanish to English for Agencia Púlsar). Uruguayan President José Mujica has sent a letter of apology to the people of Haití following the release of a video that showed Uruguayan militia abusing a young Haitian. He assured that the case will be investigated "up to the most extreme consequences."

BBC News
UK's most desirable place named

(Written for Press Association, published by BBC) Hart in Hampshire has been named the UK's most desirable place to live for quality of life for the second year running. The study by the Halifax bank took into account factors such as jobs, housing, health, life expectancy, crime, weather, traffic and house prices.

Nick Cave interview

An intense and - artistically at least - morbid figure with a penchant for grandiose facial hair, Cave sings about such disparate topics as murder, Greek mythology and the Christian doctrine of divine intervention.

The Guardian
Palestinian sympathiser becomes unlikely star of Israeli Big Brother

In the UK, Big Brother is known for turning fame-hungry contestants - the Nadias, Chantelles and Jade Goodys of this world - into instant celebrities. Though normally no more high-brow, Israel's equivalent has this year achieved a surprising twist, by making a superstar out of "Palestine sympathiser" Saar Szekely.

Council spending: Councils spend £4m on luxury taxpayer funded trips - Telegraph

The taxpayer-funded cards have been used to pay for international flights costing almost £1m since 2008, while the bill for hotel stays totals more than £2m. Councillors and officials have travelled to destinations including China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Bermuda, Jamaica, the US and Canada. Much of the travel was first class.

Daily Mail Online
EXCLUSIVE: Plaxo 'founder' who 'shot ex-wife's husband' never worked at the firm

Minh Nguyen, 38, sparked national headlines as Plaxo co-founder charged with murdering his ex-wife's husband last Thursday. He allegedly broke into ex-wife's home and opened fire in front of children. But former executives of the firm tell DailyMail.com he never worked at Plaxo. He was a school friend of Napster founder Sean Parker.

Daily Mail Online
Revealed: UK aquarium cashes in on whale circus

Merlin Entertainments, which owns 44 SeaLife aquaria across the globe, claims to be leading the fight to free Beluga whales and dolphins from captivity, and makes no mention of their performing trio – Junjun, Uka 1 and Uka 2 – on their British websites.

Daily Mail Online
From warhorse to horsepower: A First World War story

Lawrence Morris, 21, and brother Jim, 20, were butchers when Britain declared war in 1914. They left home in south east London to clear dead warhorses from battlefields. Within 11 months they were driving newly-invented tanks onto front line.

Daily Mail Online
Behind the scenes at the BAFTAs

Year in, year out, this is where anyone who’s anyone will be made red carpet-ready for the big night. It was the birth place of Sarah Jessica Parker’s vampy catsuit look last year, and Sharon Stone’s iconic rock ‘n’ roll pixie crop in 2011. I’ve come to just make sure everything is… up to scratch.

The Argentina Independent
Limiting Foreign Land Ownership: A Law in the Making

With a growing population and mass urbanisation, there are growing global concerns about the dwindling amount of arable land. As such, the last decade has seen a rise in foreign interest in more fertile, open landscapes of lesser-developed countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Pakistan.