Maura Hohman

Freelance Writer, Editor & Content Strategist

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Editor/writer with demonstrated ability to source, pitch, report multiple trending news stories daily; experience covering celebrity and entertainment news, fashion, health and wellness, education, public policy among other topics; record of growing social media audiences by size, engagement; feminist, pop-culture fanatic; seeking freelance assignments to craft strategy, create content for digital brands and publishers; Mizzou J School and Georgetown grad.

Reach me at [email protected]

Variety Massive Summit
Mapping #MeToo

How #MeToo evolved into a global movement across industries gender, race and class. Reporting by Maura Hohman, presented by Linda Ong at Variety Massive Summit.

What to Expect
Outcomes of 9 Pregnant Women With Zika

Nine pregnant U.S. women who traveled during the Zika virus outbreak have contracted Zika, CDC announced. The women saw a variety of outcomes in their pregnancies.

What to Expect
What You Need to Know about Sex and Zika Virus

As of October 2016, there have been 30 reported cases of sexual transmission of Zika virus in the U.S., primarily infected men spreading the virus to female and male partners.

What to Expect
What You Need to Know About Letting Baby Sleep in a Car Seat

The tragic story of an 11-week-old boy who suffocated after sleeping in a car seat for two hours has swept the nation, as Shepard Dodd's parents prepare to take legal action against the Oklahoma City daycare center where it happened.

What to Expect
9 Old-School Parenting Habits Science Totally Rejects

Many — like it’s better to leave a small wound un-bandaged to heal — are relatively harmless. But some — like putting a baby to sleep on her stomach or treating fever with ice water — can be downright dangerous.

Everyday Health
Why Acupuncture Works for Anxiety Relief

It's thousands of years old, but acupuncture is just being recognized as an effective anxiety treatment. Learn what experts think and whether it might help you.

US News & World Report
Robbing Their People Blind

Author Sarah Chayes explains how corruption consistently undermines global stability.

US News & World Report
The End of Gender Roles?

Doctor and anthropology professor Melvin Konner explores the rise and coming decline of male supremacy.

US News & World Report
Can Food Allergies Be Prevented?

A couple recent studies indicate that it’s possible, and new guidance is expected later this year.

US News & World Report
What to Ask Before Joining Greek Life

Greek life is often associated with partying, but it can also offer students a sense of community and leadership opportunities.

Vox Magazine
A New Homeroom

How an English class in Columbia, Missouri, helped a Congolese refugee feel at home for the first time in eight years.

The Pictures I Should've Taken

In the Philippines, whenever I encounter what would be a great picture, I am consistently without a camera, and recently my iPhoto seems to be filled with nothing but blurry shots of the ground and shadowed outlines of my cousins.

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