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Freelance writing is how I continue to cultivate my passion for words and storytelling. My writing is engaging, informative, and insightful. I am relentless in providing quality content and have been a freelance writer for 3+ years.

I specialize in content focusing on health & wellness, beauty, and family. However, my scope of work is diverse. I have worked with clients across all industries from beauty to interior design.

Whether you require a conversational and upbeat article or an academic one, I can write it.


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A Bleach Bath Could Be The Eczema Treatment You Need - The List

Sam Edwards/Getty Images A bath can be a risky proposition when you have eczema. Hot water, fizzy bath bombs, and luxuriously scented bubbles typically spell trouble for those with either atopic dermatitis or eczema. Instead of leaving your skin smooth and supple, popular bath products and hot, sudsy water may irritate red, scaly, and painful patches.
How To Manage Those Pesky Flyaway Hairs - The List

Inarik/Getty Images If you've caught your reflection in the elevator mirror and noticed a halo of unsightly flyaways, a hair mask can be ideal for taming dry strands, but chances are you don't have time for that. Instead, there are a few effortless tricks that work to smooth down wayward hairs, even if you're on your way to work.

Love & Lavender
Wedding Jumpsuits Are The New White Dress

Wedding jumpsuits are a modern bride must! Their fresh look is perfect for either a contemporary wedding or an outfit change before the reception. Honestly, who knew it was possible to look so chic while being so incredibly comfortable?

Dominion Fertility
Building Your Family With Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility can take couples by surprise. Secondary infertility is the inability to get pregnant or carry a baby to full term after having previously been pregnant and given birth without the need for fertility treatment or assistance. Most people with secondary infertility had a relatively easy time conceiving before and now are struggling to get pregnant.

Smart Mouth
The Strange Habitat of Forced Rhubarb

Agriculture can be so weird! Please enjoy this story by Megan Moore. -Katherine By Megan Moore For many, rhubarb is a tart delicacy really only enjoyed when paired with the likes of strawberry. But for the residents of the Rhubarb Triangle, this crop is anything but insignificant. In fact, it's fawned over.

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Why Couples Should Consider Coenzyme Q10 for Fertility

There is a lot that must occur for conception to happen. You likely know that an egg needs to be fertilized by sperm and implanted into the uterus, where it can grow and develop into a baby. However, have you ever thought about what happens before the egg and sperm meet?