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Michelle Hickethier

Creative Content Writer

Location icon United States

I am a content writer that specializes in creativity, and innovation. I can take any topic and goal and turn it around into an article that appeals to your specific demographic.

My experience is in
- Behavioral and Physical Health
- Comics and Pop Culture
- Science and Technology
- Academics

and many more! I am a freelance writer and am available to help expand your ideas into words. If you have any questions or inquiries reach out to me at today at [email protected]

Below is a few samples of what I have written for a variety of clients.


Content Writing For Blogs

IT Training, Testing and Consulting Services
Growing Demand for STEM Teachers

Technology is constantly evolving and is a necessary part of our history. Math and science educations are mandatory elements in keeping the field of technology expanding. Schools are trying to focus on these vital subjects like science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), but there is a problem.

Conference Papers

Assignments Done For Classes at California State University, Fullerton

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