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I am a writer, wife, mother, and word snob. I think life is funny and God is good.

Portfolio - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood
Is it too much to ask? - - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

Yes, it is in fact too much. Yes. Christmas card 2004. Just sit still and smile! Please, you guys. Just smile. No, don't touch his hat. Open your eyes! Come on. I'll give you a piece of candy. There. Now smile, everyone. Stop blinking! Keep your hands to yourself. Settle down.

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Quick Meditations on Every Mystery of the Rosary

Several years ago, my church hosted an Arise night. Arise Milwaukee is a group that helps people fall in love with Jesus in the Catholic Church. An Arise night is no small feat and I was the point person for the parish. - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood
The Bittersweet Good-bye - - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

I cried from Bismarck to Minneapolis. It wasn't pretty. I laid on the seat in the third row of our SUV heaving, sobbing, snorting, and blowing. I grabbed tissue after tissue from the box and left a wet spot on the pillow. I tried to cry quietly because I didn't want the kids to hear, but they knew. - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood
Pro-Life is Love. Period. - - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

Noemi Padilla has been a nurse for 20 years, four of which were at an abortion clinic. Her friendship with Tricia Bradberry helped her quit her job and she is now on a mission to use what she has been through and the things she took part in to save as many lives as possible. - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood
Listen to the Voice - - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

When my kids walk out the door to spend time with friends, I often holler after them, "I love you! Make good decisions!" After talking to Crystalina Evert at the SEEK2019 conference in early January, I decided to change my parting call to "I love you! Listen to your voice!"

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What Are the 12 Days of Christmas Really About?

Whether you listen to Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Christmas mash-up or watch the loveable Fozzy Bear forget the seven swans, the Twelve Days of Christmas is a seasonal essential. Practically speaking though, it's a burden.

Summer's End

Summer slammed to a stop yesterday about 6 pm as I drove home with a stinky 15 year old boy, fresh off his first high school soccer game and first day of school. A few weeks ago it was still ...

A Road to Mercy

August, 2017. For the third day running, I am holding my teenage daughter as she cries. Buried in the jumble of sadness, disappointment and shock is a story of mercy and the ugly underbelly we all have. This week we started digging. My daughter and her classmates are battling with the question of how someone...

Blessed Is She
Finding Forgiveness: A Guide to Confession - Blessed Is She

Like many Catholics I know, I had not gone to the Sacrament of Confession for a number of years. The Catholic Church recommends we go at least once a year and I was far, far below that. The thought of Confession literally gave me heart palpitations.

The Bet We Lost

This is a guest post from Meredith Frediani. You can follow her on Twitter here! Ten or so years ago, when we thought our kids were witless, we made a bet with them. "If any of you can find a word that rhymes with orange, we will give you $100."