Merissa Hatch

Freelance Writer For Children and Families

United States of America

Merissa was just seven years old when she decided to pursue her dream of being a children's writer. Over time, that dream has expanded to pursuing three niches in writing: children's stories for middle grade, blogs and magazines for families and parents. She loves crafts (all mediums), learning, working with kids and families, creating videos, writing and searching for new ways to see the world.

Merissa has been a nanny/ babysitter for more than 11 years for more than a dozen families. She has worked with parents to help organize their family life and get every member the things they want in their day. She has written on the Moms Magazine Blog, Hub Pages and her own personal website.

In December 2012, she was published in a book of anthologies entitled "Trust Us; You're Not the Worst Parent In the World." In February, 2013, she also released her debut children's book "Kindergarten Mishaps."

In the future, Merissa plans to continue to work toward her goal of writing in magazines and on blogs for children and their families.

Merissa Writes
'Fuller House' Is Finally On Netflix and...

As most of you know, the 1980's spin- off show of called finally aired on Netflix, yesterday making its cancellation in 1995. I have been looking forward to the long- awaited show since it was a just series of speculations and rumors.

Merissa Writes
How To NOT Overexert Yourself

Limits. You have to have them! Whether they are limits and boundaries for your kids, friends and relatives or yourself. If you 'over-do-it' you'll be sorry later, right? "But, Merissa," you say "I'm a mom/ dad, I need to do what I need to do no matter how it makes me feel."

Merissa Writes
Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make By Themselves

As a parent, you want your kids to eat the healthiest diet possible so they can grow big and strong. But taking care of kids can be tiring. You wake up in the morning and tell yourself that no matter how busy you get today, you will feed your kids healthy foods.

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Merissa Writes
Connect With Nature Through Art- Cave Paintings

This week, at the 'Connect With Nature Through Art' class, learned all about cave paintings. We made paint with dirt and butter and we even played shadow tag at the end. When we were ready for our nature walk, we gathered up a bowl and spoon each and went off in search of different shades of dirt.

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Mom Magazine

Moms Magazine
What To Do When Your Child Informs You She Wants To Be Famous - Moms Magazine

You are sitting on the couch watching your favorite T.V. show when your five- year- old daughter comes in and tells you that she wants to be a famous movie star when she grows up. You know that is unlikely, but you don't want to just squash that dream as soon as she tells you about it, do you?

Moms Magazine
5 Summer Reading Books That Teach Diversity - Moms Magazine

There has always been a places where certain races or genders are considered better than others. After the United States banned segregation altogether, our society has slowly gone from inequality to equality. But even to this day race and gender play a role in the way we view many people.

Moms Magazine
3 Tasty Ways To Eat Homemade Granola - Moms Magazine

Granola is one of the healthiest foods for kids to eat. If made with the right ingredients, it has a ton of important vitamins and minerals that any growing kid needs. But granola from a little plastic snack bag, or in bar form gets boring pretty fast.

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The Goldendale Sentinel
Hatch receives 2014 Youth in Media award

Merissa Hatch of Goldendale, is the recipient of the Ekone Creative Services 2014 Youth in Media Award. She received an Android tablet computer. Members of the selection committee were impressed by Merissa's originality, creativity, and self-directed productivity in print, audio and visual media during 2014. According to the committee, in additio...