Meredith Sims

Show Writer for Themed Entertainment and Animation

United States

Scripting out pathways to pure imagination.

Senior Show Writer at ITEC Entertainment. Crafting content for the themed entertainment industry, creating concepts, show treatments, and media scripts for over five years.

May also occasionally be found taming Perytons, sleeping under bluebells, and searching for Selkies.

Show Writing Sample
Original High Concept Scene by Scene Sample

High concept paragraph-style document crafted for an original attraction. Design is crafted with original characters, without the use of established IP.

Technology Description Samples
Technical Summary Examples

A collection of short-format show effect descriptions, crafted to transition complex technological descriptions into layman-terms narratives.

Themed Entertainment Sample
In-House Competition Presentation

A presentation designed for an in-house design competition, where the challenge was to create an entire themed entertainment destination to partner with Hong Kong Disneyland utilizing established IP. This presentation includes elements of show writing, attraction programming, and master planning.