Mercedes Holmes


United States

Professional writer creating thought-provoking written material optimized for the web. A degree in Biology, and over two decades of veterinary medical experience have honed my ability to translate the jargon-heavy research found in scientific and legal journals into the type of real-world concepts that inform and motivate the casual reader. I have found plenty of opportunities to put my early education and career experience to new practical use crafting case studies for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, educational blog posts for law firms, and long-form articles for website owners.

Today, my role as the in-house copywriter and marketer for a large design agency, and its multiple sister companies, keeps me busy crafting the content and marketing campaign copy for distinct brands.

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Business and Career

Copy Writing

Private UK Retail Client
A Guide To Selecting Galvanised Dog Run Panels

A buying guide created for an online pet supply retailer based in The UK. The guide is geared toward British consumers and is written in GB English rather than American English

Health and Medical

Private Client
Medical Terminology For Beginners

An overview of basic medical terminology intended for use as an introductory resource and reference cheat sheet for entry-level medical staff