Melissa Talbot

Creative Writer & Novelist

Location icon United States

Born in Sacramento, California. Growing up on a steady diet of fantasy books and fairy tales, Melissa developed a love of writing at a young age. She attended California State University Monterey Bay where she earned a degree in Humanities and Communications with a concentration in Creative Writing and Social Action. Currently working on a thesis for a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Limerick. She lives in Sacramento with her Jack Russell Terrier, Gadget.

The Door

A woman finds herself on the doorstep of a mysterious hostess.

The Bathtub

A woman reflects on her mother's suicide and the dark spiral of pain and mental illness that led to her death.

New Beginnings

A man decides to make a major change when he realizes he is unhappy with his life.

The Eden Monologues

A series of monologues from different characters in the Garden of Eden.

The Voice

A man is haunted by a mysterious voice coming from his walls at night, but the truth is scarier than he could ever imagine.


Shortly before her execution, a young woman looks back on her life.

The Morgue

A medical examiner does the autopsy of the latest victim of the serial killer that is stalking the small, sleepy town of Wakeville. Yet, perhaps, the killings aren't what they seem.

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