Melanie Duncan

Independent Writer

Location icon New Zealand

After five years of writing technical economic reports for a variety of audiences at Statistics New Zealand, I'm looking to branch out into something more creative and interesting.

I've also been writing for artist projects. This has varied between extremely emotive works, to practical logistics instructions, to press-releases and advertisements shared over social media.


Economic technical writing

Advertising and press releases

The 63 " Hydra

100 or so years ago, the Earth died in a nuclear apocalypse. Now, those who waited out the fire on a space station have returned to the ground, and unexpectedly found it green, growing, and full of people who have flourished on the ground without technology. Outdoor boffer-combat game.

33AR Advertising Release for Finale

This piece was written to announce the Facebook event for the final event in the series. It was posted on the Facebook page for the series and repeated on the dedicated forums for the series.

Emotive writing

33AR - collaborative theatre project
Letter to Lily

Letter to Lily - 33AR This piece was written for a collaborative theatre project, and delivered to the actress as a surprise. It had several aims. -> To evoke an emotional response by recalling the characters grief at at earlier event -> To inform the actress of events in the character’s life she hadn’t been previously aware of -> A call to action - to encourage the actress to investigate this story