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I enjoy telling a great story and informing people. I write about wine, food, health, nutrition and travel and profile inspiring people, especially women. I am a Certified Health Coach and published author of two books on health. One is an award-winning navigational guide for women diagnosed with breast cancer. My food, wine spirits and travel articles have been published in Wine4Food, Santé Magazine, Gourmet Business, Quench, Fine Food Biz and Beverage Enthusiast My health and wellness articles have been published in Greatist, Huffington Post Healthy Living, Pain Pathways Magazine, Breast Cancer Wellness and other outlets addressing cancer survivorship (I am a breast cancer survivor). I host two weekly national radio shows; both on iHeart. Fearless Fabulous You (Wed. 12 noon EST) profiles inspiring women and covers topics on women's health and nutrition. The Connected Table Live! (Wed., 2 pm EST) profiles vintners, master distillers, chefs, authors and other leaders in the food & beverage industry. I write companion blogs for each show. Prior to becoming a writer, I owned a culinary events and PR agency and help start and oversee The James Beard Foundation Awards for 16 years.



Wine Enthusiast
How To Buy and Sell Rare Wine

Whether you want to downsize a prized collection or can finally procure an elusive bottle, here are expert tips on maneuvering through the fine wine market.

Melanie Young, Author at Wine4Food

Moët & Chandon, Perrier-Jouët, Taittinger, and Louis Roederer are just a few of Champagne's biggest international superstars. If you love Champagne, no doubt you've already got their posters up in your mental locker. But there are dozens of smaller independent producers worthy of discovery. Many of these wines are produced by local grape growers, called vignerons...

Sante Magazine
Melanie Young Published Articles

Melanie is a contributor to, Gourmet Business, Sante Magazine and Beverage Enthusiast, and is and Healthy Living Contributor for Huffington Post. Here are examples of our published articles on wine, spirits, food and travel.

SevenFifty Daily
The Rise of Session Cocktails | SevenFifty Daily

Low-ABV cocktails are nothing new. But their popularity at restaurants and bars appears to be growing. Piggybacking on the immense growth of sessionable beers, and combined with consumers' thirst for experimentation and more mindful consumption, this category of cocktails is showing measurable results, making up as much as 25 percent of cocktail sales at some venues.

Health & Wellness

FoodService Director
Food as medicine 2.0: Why doctors are switching their lab coats for chef's jackets

While many doctors are trained to use a scalpel, far fewer are professionally proficient with a chef’s knife. Some aren’t even comfortable discussing how diet and nutrition can help their patients. But that’s changing as more physicians, medical residents, nurses and other healthcare professionals are learning culinary medicine, which combines evidence-based nutrition science and hands-on cooking classes, giving them the knowledge to help people transform their health through their...

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Melanie Young - Motivational Muse, Healthy Living Coach, Speaker & Author