Melanie Heisinger

Content Manager

I'm a driven writer that wears many different hats. I enjoy writing copy for any and all types of publications and topics. Writing has always been a passion of mine and is something I enjoy sharing with others.

Another hat I wear is that of a Social Media Manager. I enjoy engaging audiences while navigating the nuances and complexities of what it takes to be successful in that space.

Please email me at [email protected] for any inquiries.

Greater Upper Valley
The Upper Valley's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide |

2020 is nearing the end, but that only means that the holiday season is picking up! While things might look a little different this year, that doesn't mean it will be any less special. Shopping local is one of the best ways to support your community, and this year it's especially important to support small businesses.

Greater Upper Valley
Upper Valley's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide #ShopLocal |

The year is winding down, but the holiday season is picking up! It's that time of year again where gifts are given, and plenty of treats are eaten. Spending time with loved ones and cozying up by the fire after a long day of opening presents is the best way to celebrate.