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3 Exercises for Pregnant Women

Incorporating exercise in our daily routine is well-advised. Not only is it beneficial for our physique, it is also proven to improve our memory, increase mental fortitude, and helps to boost our overall immunity. This is especially true for pregnant ladies. Though it may be less convenient to perform certain work-outs, there is no excuse to stop exercising. In fact, moms-to-be are encouraged to maintain a regular workout routine throughout their pregnancy. Read on for 3 exercises suitable...

What's Behind the Myth of Negative Calories

There’s been a gaining interest regarding health topics in recent times. With our sedentary lifestyles and daily responsibilities, it is difficult to strike a healthy balance between regular exercise and proper eating habits. Certain diet plans began to steal the spotlight, some which are outrageous, such as the ‘water diet’. While detox is a good way to rid your body of accumulated junk, there’s talk about ‘negative calories’. In this article, we will debunk some myths behind negative calories.


Modernising the vintage business | Inovasi

By Melanie Boi Humans are illogical in curious ways. We treasure old things, not because of its practical value, but also because of the personal emotions and memories invested in mementos and throwaway souvenirs. Who, for instance, would logically want to pay for a clunky 50-year-old typewriter, scratchy sounding vinyl players from the '60s, or a well-worn suitcase scratched around the world?

Enabling Disability with Dialogue in the Dark | Inovasi

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. - Helen Keller Like many of us, Stevens Chan was born with perfect vision. A rising entrepreneur, his bright world turned into complete darkness at the age of 45 when he lost his eyesight to glaucoma in 2007.

Business Unusual: Rent A Dress | Inovasi

There's an upcoming gala. Everyone is dressed to the nines. You're nowhere near to affording a designer dress. A fairy godmother is nowhere to be seen. What do you do? This was the question that Chiu Hui Shuen, and many other women like her, faced regularly.

Tulips Are Better Than One | Inovasi

By Melanie Boi The Happy Bunch duo - Joanne Ho & Beh Lee Yen Do you know what are gerberas, hyacinths or poinsettias? When Joanne Ho was in Australia, she noticed that these well-loved flowers and more were appreciated and purchased in a different manner compared to those back home in Malaysia.

Pitching In for TAPAUfest | Inovasi

Pitching In for TAPAUfest By Melanie Boi In his head, Ahmad Faris had it all figured out. The festival he'd been planning would showcase the best of what the Malaysian creative community can produce: from street fashion brands to artisanal food; from musical performances to live workshops. The only problem?
What Went Down: Heineken Thirst presents Tiësto @ Sepang International Circuit

Image Heineken Malaysia Efforts are duly rewarded. In this scenario, while it was a tremendous effort to get into the main arena, there couldn't be any sweeter dream come true for 25,000 people. From the main turn off to the road leading up to the venue, cars were parked at various corners; throngs of people were walking towards the Welcome Centre.


By Melanie Boi One evening, Tom returns to his rented apartment and discovers a faulty electrical switch. He calls his landlord but to no avail. As he is new to the city, he does not know who else to contact.


By Melanie Boi "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." ― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman Many Malaysians can attest to the quote above as we take great pride in declaring our love for food. In recent years, there's been a rapid growth of cafes and bistros in different suburbs of the Klang Valley.

Q&A Interviews
Shieko Reto: Candid Cartoons

Discrimination comes in many forms, as JUICE finds out from Shieko Reto, a visual artist and advocate of sexuality rights. Daily struggles intertwined with the state of affairs, personal or otherwise are in the form of her drawings, a distinctive example to express individuality in our 'muhibbah' society...
Kazimir Lee: Caricature Galore

Images Kazimir Lee Cubans are good looking, according to Kazimir Lee that is. JUICE speaks to the comic artist-cum-animator... Ooops, we mean animator-cum-comic artist (in that order), unscrambling his thoughts on not being a racist, the use of hallucinogenic and why he can't call his boss at 4am...

Product Reviews

Apollo AGB-36 Dirt Bike

Commuting to work, running errands or planning a joy ride? Dirt bikes can do it all and more! In the recent past, dirt bikes have been gaining popularity amongst the masses. It is true that public transportation is a viable option for those who do not own cars. However, dirt bikes offer added convenience and accessibility. Not only is it a fast and efficient mode of transportation, dirt bikes cost significantly less and is more environmentally friendly compared to cars.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Water is a precious resource to all of Mother Nature. With the help of technology, we are better equipped to engineer devices that can assist with water usage and more importantly, water conservation. One such device is the smart irrigation sprinkler controller.

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