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I have worked for Wednesday Journal for the past 12-years as a writer/editor for the publication's on-line web site. My background is in journalism. However, I completed by MBA degree in 2014 and as such I would like to transition to a marketing/public relation related form of communications.

Former Austin pastor to run for South Side alderman position

Community activist and former president of the Westside Minister's Coalition Gregory S. Livingston has chosen to run for alderman of the 4th Ward, which includes all, or parts of, South Side communities like Kenwood, Bronzeville and South Loop.

Hearing held on West Side's 'Homan Square' facility

Cook County Commissioner Richard R. Boykin (1st), who chairs the Human Rights Committee, called a public hearing on Dec. 15 into the alleged improper practices at the Chicago Police Department's controversial detention facility known as Homan Square in North Lawndale.

My walk through Beverly underscores need for race talk

During a speech delivered to U.S. Justice Department employees, Eric Holder, the nation's first African-American Attorney General, said that the United States was "a nation of cowards" by consistently avoiding serious discussions about race. Holder explained that while many workplaces are integrated, most workers prefer to self-segregate in their social circles and on weekends.

Fruitvale Station a solid, but manipulative recount of tragic event

Arriving in theaters just weeks after the Trayvon Martin verdict put the issue of racial profiling back into the news, the film Fruitvale Station looks at another incident involving an unarmed black man who was killed. Oscar Grant was a 22-year-old Oakland, California who, on Jan.1, 2009, was riding the subway with friends when a scuffle broke out on the train.

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How To Spot a Heat Hater

Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse the slideshow The Miami Heat have had a very successful postseason so far. They have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals in fewer games than anyone predicted and Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have found a great balance in leading this team.

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8 Most Controversial MVP Award Winners

Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse the slideshow While doing the play-by-play of a Miami Heat game earlier in the season, commentators Steve Kerr and Marv Albert got in a heated discussion about the MVP race.

Fighting just long enough

Siedah Sivels 1986-2008"When I came into this world I had to fight-being a 1-pound [premature infant], never giving up, not giving in to my life." So said Oak Park resident Siedah Soreya Sivels in personal testimony. After battling cancer for almost four years, the 21-year-old succumbed to the disease on March 30.

Building a poetic bridge across Austin Boulevard

Creativity knows no borders. This could be the mantra of students at Austin Polytechnical Charter School and Oak Park and River Forest High School. The two high schools, on opposite sides of the Austin Boulevard, have been taking part in a collaborative poetry workshop.

'Misconduct' in search for Yasmin Acree

After 20 months of frantically searching for missing Austin teen Yasmin Acree, the police investigation took a significant step backwards as the department's Internal Affairs Division acknowledges that police botched its effort to find her. In a letter to Yasmin's mother, Rose Starnes, dated Aug.

Obama, King connection explored at Dominican University

Part I of II While waiting in line to vote in the 2008 presidential election, Caprice Smalley, principal of the San Miguel School-Gary Comer campus in Austin, took notice of an exchange between a young man in line and a senior. The young man, about 21, Smalley recalled, was wearing an "Obama for President" sweatshirt.

Lawmakers, activists react to state budget talks

In light of the recent budgetary impasse currently grinding progress in the state House and Senate to a halt, Gov. Bruce Rauner has made provisions he hopes will force the state legislature's hand. He says he plans to close state facilities and curtail the allocations of funds for senior and childcare services if there no a budget agreement by July 1.

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