Meg Stewart

Freelance Content Writer

United States

Looking for a writer or ghostwriter with a natural flair for persuasion?

Want content that ranks 1st page of Google search results?

Looking for a flexible writer who understands User Intent and SEO?

Meg is a freelance writer, content creator, and content strategist, who specializes in quality content that gets your business seen!

Meg has ghostwritten on hundreds of topics from pet care to writing tips, parenting to haunted houses, and bathroom fixtures to wood stoves.

She is experienced in writing product descriptions, reviews, and buying guides for everything from backpacks, survival gear, and dirt bikes to bake ware, writing software, and online educational platforms.

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Recent Work

Survival Sullivan
The 16 Best Adventure Movies for Preppers | Survival Sullivan

If you're looking for adventure but can't break away to a new location due to work or family constraints, the next best thing is to relax and enjoy an adventure from your own home or the local movie theater. We've pulled together the best of the best adventure movies.

The Survivalist Blog
The a to Z Guide to Prepping for an Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse With the state of the world today, one of the things many preppers can agree upon is an economic collapse is likely. With the near collapse of the U.S. economy in Sept 2008, followed by the crises in Greece, Argentina, and Venezuela, it's becoming harder to deny the likelihood that an economic collapse is inevitable.

Survival Sullivan
How to Use Snow in Survival Situations | Survival Sullivan

Getting lost in the wilderness can be stressful but there are generally more resources available to you in warm weather than in cold weather. If you find yourself lost in the wilderness or stranded on an isolated highway in cold weather, knowing how to use snow in survival situations may very well your life.

The Survivalist Blog
How to Build a Potato Box for Almost Free

One of the staples for many families is potatoes. They can be used to create a variety of different meals and when stored in a cool, dry place, they have a fairly decent shelf life. For long term storage, you can even dehydrate potatoes, so it makes sense to include them as part of your food stockpile.

Survival Sullivan
14 Off-Grid Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones | Survival Sullivan

The time of year for gift giving is fast approaching. If you're on the ball, you've already started making the list of people you need to get Christmas gifts for this year. And if you're anything like me, your list keeps growing. If you live off grid or have your own homestead or if your ...

The Survivalist Blog
How to Stockpile and Store Water

Water is truly the life blood for all of us. The average adult can only survive for about 3 days without fresh water to drink. In fact, a loss of just 10% of fluid in your body can quickly become f...

Survival Sullivan
How to Find a Loved One Who's Missing | Survival Sullivan

Chances are at some point in your life you've experienced the panic that comes when a loved one is missing. Parents of young children almost always experience at least one incident of their child getting separated from them in the store or some other public place, whether accidentally or intentionally (i.e.

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