Meg Roberts

Freelance Writer

Location icon Australia

I am a freelance writer with 19 years of experience in writing and publishing study guides, sample essays and also a textbook. My informal training began with writing film and play reviews for the University of Melbourne's student magazine, and my formal training has been the completion of a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History as well as a Graduate Diploma of Education. I landed my first book writing deal with Heinemann Publications in 2005 when I was commissioned to write 'The Heinemann English Project: Research Skills' by an editor I had written a textbook review for. In the same year, I also began writing for Insight Publications. This work was all text analysis material (study guides or supporting articles) and sample A+ essays for senior English students and continued to write for them on an irregular basis until 2016. In 2018 I began writing study guides and sample essays for an English language school called Le Learning in the Melbourne CBD, and continue to work for them when required. I have recently begun writing website content and other types of copy. I am working on several novels at once, and hope one day to complete one that is fit for publication.

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