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Meghan Betts

Freelance Healthcare & Medical Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

A PhD graduate with a passion for healthcare, medicine and communication and a desire to help others and make a difference.
I specialise in gastroenterology but enjoy writing about all topics related to health and medicine.

How can I help?

You need assistance in translating complex science into something understandable for all audiences.

You need authentic content but don't want to write it yourself.

You need website content for healthcare professionals and/or the general public.

You want regular health/medicine-related blog posts to engage your audience.

CONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected]

Non-medical content writing:

If you need content for another field, I may still be able to help.
Before working in medical writing I produced articles for Bizarre Culture Digital Magazine on a range of topics from travel to politics to animal welfare.


Medical and healthcare writing

Qerac Healthcare Communication
Are we at risk of a post-antibiotic era? - Qerac Healthcare Communication

By Meghan Betts Globally, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is becoming an increasingly serious public health concern. In particular, the development of antibiotic resistance - due to the frequent and commonplace use of antibiotics in modern society - has become a highlighted medical issue in recent times. Antibiotic resistance is now considered to be one ...

Qerac Healthcare Communication
March for Science - Qerac Healthcare Communication

Science not Silence! By Meghan Betts Thousands of people across Australia rallied together for the 'March for Science' on Earth Day 2017 (Saturday 22nd April) as part of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economics and government. Demonstrations were held around the world, from the North ...

Qerac Healthcare Communication
Men and Contraception - Qerac Healthcare Communication

Will there ever be a hormonal contraception method for men? Although there are a wide variety of contraceptive options for females to prevent pregnancy, the choices available for men to have control over their fertility have not changed for over a century. These choices either have a lower efficacy, such as condoms ...

Why your GP is vital in the fight against hepatitis C?

Why GPs are vital in the fight against hepatitis C The problem The cure success rate of DAAs hepatitis C has transformed the therapeutic landscape for hepatitis C, with patients no longer needing to be afraid of a diagnosis. However, one of the biggest challenges facing hepatitis C treatment is the low uptake of treatment.

Qerac Healthcare Communication
Common mental health disorders affecting young Australians - Qerac Healthcare Communication

Mental illnesses continue to be the third leading cause of disability burden in Australia despite vast improvements to treatment access and uptake. Approximately 45% of Australians aged 16-85 years will experience a mental disorder during their lifetime, with research suggesting that 75% of mental health illnesses emerge before the age of 25.

Diet and Nutrition for kids with liver disease

Written by Meghan Betts Children and infants with liver diseases are at an increased risk of malabsorption, under-nutrition and nutritional deficiencies. They often have a high energy requirement, disordered or faster metabolism, inefficient energy use and increased respiratory effort.

Treating anxiety disorders | Qerac Healthcare Communication

Meghan Betts Effective treatments help you to control your anxiety so that it no longer controls you. There are multiple methods for treating anxiety and which works best for you depends on you as an individual and what type of anxiety you are experiencing.


Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are a group of conditions that can occur in a person whose mother drank alcohol during her pregnancy. Alcohol is a teratogen - it can pass from the mothers' bloodstream, cross the placenta, and enter the baby's bloodstream.

Alcohol and Your Brain - What's going on?

What is going on inside our brain when we drink alcohol? Written By: Meghan Betts Many of us aren't a stranger to a glass of wine or a cheeky pint after a stressful day or a long week at work.

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