Meghan Bellamy

Arts and Entertainment Journalist, Travel Blogger (link below), and Student

United States of America

Versatile creative writer with interest in journalism, health, travel, and the arts. Vast range of publications. Freelance contributor. Copywriting experience as well.

Contact: [email protected]


Public Health

The Stentor
Exploring Mental Illness

A feature seeking to combat the stigma of mental illness by explaining it through the framework of physical illness.

Stentor Lake Forest College
What is Therapy?

A column that seeks to eradicate the stigma of therapy, and how it can be a beneficial journey for college students.

The Everygirl
I'm an Everygirl, and... I have epilepsy.

My mom has a phrase she uses when times get tough. You know, those times when you are so overwhelmed you feel like you can't breathe, or when things are moving so fast and you get lost and confused. She always says, "Don't worry hon, give it some time.

Arts and Entertainment

Always Werking | The Blog
Local Musician: Zach Heckendorf

An interview with Denver singer/songwriter Zach Heckendorf about his career, his environment, and his hustle.

Lake Forest College
The Legacy of Arnold Palmer Lives On

On page 12, In the wake of Arnold Palmer's passing, I celebrate and pay tribute to his life of dedication, not just to golf but the community at large.

Lake Forest College
Something More Than Free

Jason Isbell, award winning folk and americana singer, comes to Chicago. On page 8 I dive into how his sobriety makes this his best album yet.

Lake Forest College
From Street to Forest

This satirical article appears on page 8 of The Stentor and functions as a laughable piece about the liberal arts curriculum as well as the segregation between the school's posh neighborhood and the nearby city of Chicago.