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Cystic Acne - Causes And Best Treatment Options

Cystic acne is a specific form of acne that involves large, painful bumps that can appear on the face, chest, back, or anywhere else acne commonly appears. Unlike blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples, the infection in this kind of acne does not rise to the surface of the skin.

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5 Stages Of Adulting, As Told By My Rotating Cast Of Hair Colors

"Your 20's are probably going to be the worst years of your life." One of my professors told me that last year, and it took me by surprise. Most (real) adults constantly remind us 20-somethings that we are in a stage in our life where we can afford to be selfish.

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Are You Tired Of Being Told You're 'Too Sensitive?'

It all started when she was so small, she was just nine, barely a girl, she had a loving friend oh so dear, who she thought was her one and all. As she grew young, he'd always be near, with him she was happy, it was quite clear, he was her uncle and she was his niece, she never noticed in his eyes his leer.



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