Megan Rosa

Digital Content Writer with expertise in SEO

United States

I'm a young professional passionate about the written word. That passion led me to stumble into the world of SEO and I began my career working on outreach campaigns for some of the world's top brands through building relationships with online influencers. I have also had experience contributing to SEO, reputation management and more for the Northeast's largest furniture retailer. I am always open to learning new skills in the digital media world and finding creative ways to provide meaningful content to the consumer and Google.
Please feel free to contact me regarding freelance or full time opportunities at [email protected].

Premise Health
Occupational Health: Preventing Injuries and Building a Culture of Health - Premise Health

Occupational health was established more than a century ago to address employee safety in the workplace. Over the years, new rules and regulations were enacted to improve worker health and safety. In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was founded so that no worker should have to choose between their life and their job.

Premise Health
Myth vs Fact: Occupational Health and Safety Edition - Premise Health

Myths and misconceptions can spread far and wide before they're debunked, and the occupational health sphere is no exception. Certain misconceptions about occupational health are common in the industry and can be costly for organizations that don't know any better.

Premise Health
How to Make the Most of Your Primary Care Appointment - Premise Health

A lot of people dodge their annual medical checkup for a variety of reasons - they're too expensive, inconvenient, or anxiety-inducing. While those are all totally normal reactions, regular primary care visits are essential to keeping your health in check and catching potential issues before they become larger.

Mattress Size Guide

Researched, pitched, wrote and edited this long form content page. Currently ranks for over 100 relevant keywords on Google.