Megan McNamara

Writer, Editor & Content Strategist

United States

Want to help your business stand out while attracting more of the right audience? Enter Megan McNamara Writing & Editing.

Why me? Simply put, my content drives results. My secret sauce? I'm well-versed in content marketing and optimizing content for customers, but I also have an editor's eye for detail. I'm able to look at the big picture, ensuring all communications contribute to your overarching brand positioning, while also cleaning up the minute details that escape the average eye.

I specialize in helping businesses find their voice by teasing out unique differentiators and looking at their business from the audience's perspective. With the technical eye of an editor and the creative chops of a copywriter, I can hone your messaging to attract more of the RIGHT audience.

I earned a Master's in Integrated Marketing Communications from Medill at Northwestern University, and because of that I'm better able to understand audience nuance and more effectively target messaging.


Strategic Message Development - Align your messaging with your organization's strategic goals while ensuring you reach the right audience. I believe in emphasizing differentiators to tell a brand's unique story, which will resonate with the right people and help build a devoted long-term audience.

Editing - Everything AND the kitchen sink. From annual reports to press releases to web copy, I'll tease out your organization's unique voice from multiple stakeholder comments.
Content Editing: I'll refine your ideas, ensure voice and tone consistency and
provide feedback on the big picture - while fact-checking all key details.
Copy Editing: Spelling, grammar, capitalization, and descriptive inconsistencies
will all be corrected.

Copywriting (for digital advertising) - Short, succinct sentences that get to the heart of your brand and keep your audience engaged.

Email & Web Copy - Define your brand voice and create both persuasive and informative copy to move your audience.

Megan McNamara | Built In

Megan McNamara is a content marketing strategist and editor specializing in actionable, customer-oriented content that drives results. McNamara has worked as a marketing professional since 2008; she has strategic communications expertise spanning the sales funnel. McNamara holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University.