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Formerly freelance, I'm currently Staff Writer at HUNGER Magazine. I have bylines at Dazed, i-D, Elle, Teen Vogue, Garage, The Guardian, Nylon, Elephant, The Independent, AnOther, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Noisey, Huck, Notion, Little White Lies, SLEEK, Indie, Bustle, Wonderland, METAL, Oyster, Screen Shot and more.

In 2019 I won Young Journalist of the Year at the PPA Scottish Magazine Awards.

In 2018, I completed a first class undergraduate degree in English Literature and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh before going on to attain an MSt in Modern Languages with distinction at the University of Oxford. I am currently undertaking a PhD at UCL.

In addition to journalism and academia, I have professional experience in PR, Copywriting and Digital Marketing. I have worked as a freelance creative, focussing on Instagram, at content agency Adjust Your Set.


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Eco-porn: the movement that says sex can save the planet

Eco-porn: the movement that says sex can save the planet Eco-porn: the movement that says sex can save the planet Ecosexuals and eco-porn producers are trying to make the environmentalist movement more sexy and fun - but is that what the movement needs? "We are the ecosexuals. The Earth is our lover."

Sex Workers Are Fighting to Unionise in Scotland

With British sex workers striking on International Women's Day and strippers unionising in increasing numbers, individuals across the industry are fighting for their right to hold employers accountable, demand better working conditions and safeguard their livelihoods. Many view the fight to decriminalise sex work is a labour rights issue, but Scottish politicians see it differently.

what is audio porn and is it an exploitation-free way to get off?

Thanks to today's hyper-visual society, a shit-tonne of sexualised images in the media, and all that time spent scrolling on Instagram, we've been practically reared for porn consumption. Now, most of us have a tried-and-tested recipe for orgasm involving a quick delve into RedTube, a spritz of wishful thinking and a dash of "self-love"...and that's about it.

Sharon Van Etten on her changing sound, mental health, and new LP: The Skinny

With August upon us, everything seems to be happening at once. The tourist season fully in swing, and Edinburgh's streets enlivened with fresh faces from around the world; it's one of the most exciting times of the year. Yet it's also a month of odd uncertainty, with one foot stuck in summer and the other edging towards the golden leaves of autumn.

Was Grime Britain's Last Subculture?

Sign of the Times © Fiona Cartledge Sign of the Times was a stall, that evolved into a shop, initially located in Kensington Market. Owned by Fiona Cartledge, throughout the 1980s and 1990s it sold and promoted items by local London designers and dressed the city's ravers.

How safe-for-work sex subcultures are curving Tumblr censorship

If feet aren't your thing, you might not have realised that foot fetishists are thriving on social media. In fact, there are currently over 44,000 posts catalogued under the "feetish" hashtag on Instagram, a clear indicator that IG is a hotbed for foot content.