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Formerly freelance, I'm currently Staff Writer at HUNGER Magazine. I have bylines at Dazed, i-D, Elle, Garage, The Guardian, Nylon, Elephant, The Independent, AnOther, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Noisey, Huck, Notion, Little White Lies, SLEEK, Indie, Bustle, Wonderland, METAL, Oyster, Screen Shot and more.

In 2019 I won Young Journalist of the Year at the PPA Scottish Magazine Awards.

In 2018, I completed a first class undergraduate degree in English Literature and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh before going on to attain an MSt in Modern Languages with distinction at the University of Oxford. I am currently undertaking a PhD at UCL.

In addition to journalism and academia, I have professional experience in PR, Copywriting and Digital Marketing. I'm currently working as a freelance creative, focussing on Instagram, at content agency Adjust Your Set.



Eco-porn: the movement that says sex can save the planet

Eco-porn: the movement that says sex can save the planet Eco-porn: the movement that says sex can save the planet Ecosexuals and eco-porn producers are trying to make the environmentalist movement more sexy and fun - but is that what the movement needs? "We are the ecosexuals. The Earth is our lover."

Was Grime Britain's Last Subculture?

Sign of the Times © Fiona Cartledge Sign of the Times was a stall, that evolved into a shop, initially located in Kensington Market. Owned by Fiona Cartledge, throughout the 1980s and 1990s it sold and promoted items by local London designers and dressed the city's ravers.

Sex Workers Are Fighting to Unionise in Scotland

With British sex workers striking on International Women's Day and strippers unionising in increasing numbers, individuals across the industry are fighting for their right to hold employers accountable, demand better working conditions and safeguard their livelihoods. Many view the fight to decriminalise sex work is a labour rights issue, but Scottish politicians see it differently.

what is audio porn and is it an exploitation-free way to get off?

Thanks to today's hyper-visual society, a shit-tonne of sexualised images in the media, and all that time spent scrolling on Instagram, we've been practically reared for porn consumption. Now, most of us have a tried-and-tested recipe for orgasm involving a quick delve into RedTube, a spritz of wishful thinking and a dash of "self-love"...and that's about it.

Sharon Van Etten on her changing sound, mental health, and new LP: The Skinny

With August upon us, everything seems to be happening at once. The tourist season fully in swing, and Edinburgh's streets enlivened with fresh faces from around the world; it's one of the most exciting times of the year. Yet it's also a month of odd uncertainty, with one foot stuck in summer and the other edging towards the golden leaves of autumn.


Drag is so much more than high-glamour queens

Words Megan Wallace Image Courtesy of Louche Magazine Words Megan Wallace Image Courtesy of Louche Magazine What football is to cis-het men, Drag Race is to queer people: meaning that its influence is practically inescapable for anyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. As a result of its runway success (see what we did there?)

"Mental health is not fashion": What Gucci got wrong at MFW SS20

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at Gucci since 2015, loves to talk about "freedom." At the beginning of his tenure, he defined his ideal Gucci woman as sexually and creatively liberated: "A woman whom you'll never know if she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a woman with great freedom of expression."

Listen Up Issue: we speak to rising soul star Celeste

In this age of information overload and algorithm-generated playlists, music has become increasingly forgettable. Viral hits pop up one week and disappear the next, while a steady stream of artists achieve a certain level of industry buzz before being relegated to our internal catalogue of Oh yeah, I think I ' ve heard of them.

'Camgirl' author Isa Mazzei explains why you need to start paying for porn

Isa Mazzei broke into the public consciousness last year with CAM, a critically acclaimed horror film about a camgirl whose online identity and livelihood are stolen. Promptly snapped up by Netflix, the movie provided one of the first (and thus far best) media representations of webcam models.

Giant Swan are the techno outsiders redefining the culture beyond Berghain

Giant Swan is the brainchild of Bristol-based musicians Robin Stewart and Harry Wright born, kicking and screaming, into the contemporary techno scene. Paying little heed to the posturing that has become commonplace within the genre, the life-long friends have made a name for their see-it-to-believe-it improvised sets.

Delve into 30 years of Berlin's hedonistic techno scene

Words Megan Wallace Cover Image Tilman Brembs Words Megan Wallace Cover Image Tilman Brembs For techno fans, visiting Berlin has become something of a spiritual pilgrimage - but the nightlife isn't restricted to musical purists. Everyone knows that Berghain's wraparound queues are half-comprised of tourists who can only guess that Panorama Bar is at the top of Alexanderplatz's TV Tower.

Lessons in style and queer theory from '90s neo-noir 'Bound'

words Megan Wallace images Courtesy of Gramercy Pictures and Olive Films words Megan Wallace images Courtesy of Gramercy Pictures and Olive Films Whatever your personal appraisals of their work may be, you have to admit that Lana and Lilly Wachowski- who stood at the helm of The Matrix franchise and V for Vendetta - have had a pretty singular impact on Y2K film.

Five books about non-binary identity that aren't 'Orlando'

Last month, the theme for Met Gala 2020 was. To widespread bemusement, it was revealed that Anna Wintour's invitees would strut the red carpet in ensembles inspired by "time" (we can already imagine stylists desperately brainstorming outfit ideas that put a couture spin on clocks).

Unpacking Nordic stereotypes with SASSY 009

Photography Julie Lauritzen Words Megan Wallace Photography Julie Lauritzen Words Megan Wallace The child of two classical musicians, a future in music was practically encoded in Sunniva Lindgaard's DNA. In fact, the Norwegian producer's formative musical memories are located deep within her subconscious, from a time before she was even born.

Shy One: the "old soul" creating forward-facing music

People say that today's teens are ahead of their years, but reading up on Mali Larrington-Nelson you realise that Gen Z doesn't have a monopoly on entrepreneurship. At the age of 13, when most of us didn't even know how to compile a decent playlist, Shy One was already playing London's community radio.

Can ambient music improve your mental health?

"This time last year I'd just moved to London and was really struggling with the loneliness, and this mounting anxiety that everyone was either having a much better time than me or was much more successful than me. When I was alone, in order to try and slow down these thoughts, I'd hunker down with my headphones and some ambient techno."

Trans Power: an interview with Juno Roche

Juno Roche's Queer Sex, released in 2018, is still in the charts despite its "niche" subject area: queer sexual pleasure. The reason for this is immediately apparent to anyone whose bodies and intimate desires lie beyond the lines of propriety drawn by the powers that be.

Inside the exhibition exploring the "revolutionary art of queer sex work"

Words Megan Wallace Cover image Juniper Fleming, "Bar at Folies Bergère", courtesy of the artist Words Megan Wallace Cover image Juniper Fleming, "Bar at Folies Bergère", courtesy of the artist "All I had seen in art and culture was sex work being presented as titillation or as a 'problem' or 'debate'" says Alexis Heller, the curator of new exhibition "ON OUR BACKS: The Revolutionary Art of Queer Sex Work".

A brief history of Jane Fonda fighting the power

As you no doubt saw on social media Jane Fonda, the lifelong silver screen queen known in 2019 for Netflix's Grace and Frankie, has been arrested outside of Washington DC's Capitol Hill as she demonstrated against climate change. Fonda made her intentions clear during an interview in the Washington Post, in which she announced her protest plans.

Note to Self: Heather Glazzard's intimate photography explores the diversity of queerness

Words Megan Wallace Photography Heather Glazzard Words Megan Wallace Photography Heather Glazzard Few terms typify the malleability of language quite as well as queer. Once a dehumanising slur aimed at LGBTQI+ individuals, today the word has been reclaimed and is more commonly used to describe people who don't fit heteronormative moulds.

FKA Twigs' new album is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears

Today marks the release of FKA Twigs' (née Tahliah Debrett Barnett) much-anticipated second album MAGDALENE, five years after her career-defining debut, LP1. With her painstaking precision, chilly vocal delivery and the moments of silence populating her tracks, she has always seemed to hold her fans at an arms' length.

Piers Morgan doesn't understand what "non-binary" means

words Megan Wallace main image via @samsmith on Instagram words Megan Wallace main image via @samsmith on Instagram On Saturday 9 November, singer-songwriter Sam Smith posted an image of themselves wearing a draped blouse, long-line blazer and wide-leg trousers by Spanish brand MANS Concept Menswear to the LOS40 Music Awards.


Binge drinking, wellness culture and late-stage capitalism: The Skinny

With a history of problem drinking in my family, I was reluctant to hit the bottle throughout my teens. Only when I entered university for the first time and was confronted with the 'drink: or else' atmosphere of undergraduate life did I undergo my baptism into binge drinking culture.

Coming Out to your Work Colleagues - LGBTQ+ - The Skinny

It's hard to be filled with faith that the year 2018 might be an improvement on 2017 when we're throat-deep in such global mayhem. Yet, as January rolls around we find ourselves drawn once more to the insidious appeal of the New Year's resolution.

How safe-for-work sex subcultures are curving Tumblr censorship

If feet aren't your thing, you might not have realised that foot fetishists are thriving on social media. In fact, there are currently over 44,000 posts catalogued under the "feetish" hashtag on Instagram, a clear indicator that IG is a hotbed for foot content.

what's life after graduating from art school really like?

When applying for further study, prospective art students are often dogged by teacher's unwanted opinions on how creative degrees will do nothing to prepare them for the 'real world', nor conveniently set them up with a stable 9-to-5 job. A word to the wise, however; neither do most other degrees.

The new book written in Polari, a secret language for queer survival

Last summer marked 50 years since the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, a landmark ruling which decriminalised homosexuality in the UK. In this relatively progressive year of 2018, fully understanding the extreme social stigmatisation and police persecution which reigned at that time is difficult.

Little White Lies
The camp, satirical aesthetic of queer classic But I'm a Cheerleader

With UK Prime Minister Theresa May recently vowing to abolish conversion therapy – a cruel practice that consists of psychoanalytical or behavioural therapy aimed at curbing same-sex attraction – and with two films set in conversion therapy camps being released this year, the issue has never been more present in the public consciousness

Little White Lies
The fractured masculinities of Alfonso Cuarón

Little White Lies was established in 2005 as a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them. Combining cutting-edge design, illustration and journalism, we've been described as being "at the vanguard of the independent publishing movement."

This is what it means to be skoliosexual

Skoliosexuality is a way of recognising the beauty beyond binary definitions of "man" and "woman" in a world that says that you can only ever be either/or.

The List
Lavender Menace returns for Edinburgh Pride

June is in full swing once more, meaning that Pride parades are taking place from San Francisco to Sao Paulo. For the LGBTQIA+ community it's a time of celebration but also of reflection: rejoicing at the advances that have been made in recent years but also casting an eye back to the event's...

Huck Magazine
Exploring the secret history of queer gaming

You'd be forgiven for thinking that straight, cis men dominate the gaming world. This isn't helped by widespread movements like "Gamergate" - an aggressive online campaign against feminist and progressive gaming figures - which still linger menacingly in public memory. In reality, though, a rise in queer and feminist online spaces is helping to introduce gaming to a...

Mental Health and the Gig Economy: The Skinny

Before I get started, it's important that I get this out of the way: I've had a mental illness for as long as I can remember. Eating disorders, anxiety, depression - you name it, I have it.


Loud And Quiet
Sui Zhen - The emotional experience of living in the Internet age - Loud And Quiet

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, she cites interdisciplinary artist Laurie Anderson as a key reference. Anderson is familiar to many as the partner of Lou Reed, but with her 1981 sneak-hit single'O Superman', she contributed an early artistic exploration of the transhuman experience through distorted, tinny vocals spliced up with quotes from her answering machine.

Jacob Sartorius

For Schön! Magazine's 35th edition, I interviewed teen sensation Jacob Sartorius

Meet London-based Collective Femme Culture | Wonderland Magazine

Introducing the all-female DJ collective championing women in music. "You can wait around for a job or love but you can't wait around for change. Our generation is DIY" says Ludo, one half of record label and collective Femme Culture. Looking at London's nightlife scene, this seems undeniable.

The Instagram shining a light on trans masc history and culture

"Before I started this research, I could barely think of any historic or pop cultural trans masculine figures," admits artist and bookmaker Izzy Kroese, who initially started work on what would become @transmascstudies whilst studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University.


The L Word reboot is a chance to depict the diversity of the queer community

I rejoiced last Thursday when US television network Showtime confirmed the long-awaited sequel to lesbian drama The L Word - with members of the original cast, no less. It's been 10 years since the original aired its final episode and yet the community hasn't moved on, and Shane references still abound.

Don't feel bad for dumping me for my mental illness

No one is easy to love but I can admit I'm a particularly tough case. On paper, I'm passable enough: I have decent taste in music, can be pretty thoughtful given half the chance and generally deserve a second date. Get to know me properly, however, and you'll find that the veneer of stability is fragile at best.

Why Ariana Grande Doesn't Owe It To Her Fans To Come Out

Another week, another Ariana Grande drama. Whether it's the ' small charcoal grill' tattoo fiasco or accusations of plagiarism and cultural appropriation in '7 rings', it seems like she's permanently just a stone's throw away from a Twitterstorm.

INDIE Magazine
How the Witch Went from Social Outcast to Feminist Ally

We've all dabbled with ouija boards and palm reading, but there's no denying that witchcraft has now well and truly gone mainstream. Previously associated with social deviance, errant sexuality, and anti-establishment values, witches strike a note with the modern woman.

Clash Magazine
Pop's Vital New Voices Are Queering The Mainstream

Earlier this month, Rita Ora dropped the video for 'Girls' a summery party tune about kissing, you guessed it, girls. There's a lot to critique about this song, and we're not just referring to the nonsensical metaphors for lesbian sex.

INDIE Magazine
What Tumblr's anti-porn policy means for the next generation - INDIE

As a queer person in my early twenties, Tumblr was a vital part of my teen experience. Fiercely closeted, completely removed from the LGBTQ+ community and frankly frightened of some of my sexual impulses, Tumblr provided the DIY sex-positive landscape I needed. The same won't go for the next generation.


Fest Magazine
Review: Sophie Duker: Venus

This astute political analysis is buoyed by wordplay, shrewd storytelling and pop culture hot-takes on everything from Balamory to Dr Who-themed porn.

Loud And Quiet
MUNA - Save The World - Album review - Loud And Quiet

Often pigeon-holed as a "queer girl band" MUNA's sophomore album Save The World demonstrates their artistic range: launching from the tender moments of opening track 'Grow' to self-love jam 'Number One Fan'.

Fest Magazine
Review: Reuben Kaye

With its slipshod costume changes, alternative Australian national anthems and plethora of rhinestones, Reuben Kaye’s cabaret explores the endless creative possibilities of bad taste.

Loud And Quiet
BANKS - III - Album review - Loud And Quiet

As BANKS, California native Jillian Banks released a series of slow-burn alt pop hits like 'Beggin' For Thread' and 'Gemini Feed' from 2013 to 2017. Then, abruptly, the music stopped. Now, after two years of soul-searching, the singer-songwriter is back with her aptly titled third album, III.

Tank Magazine
The Ballad of St Jerome

The artist Jesse Darling revisits canonical Christian lore at Tate Britain

Loud And Quiet
Shura - Forevher - Album review - Loud And Quiet

Back in 2014, Shura, aka Alessandra Yakunina-Denton, caught our attention with a soft-lensed, pastel-hued video of queer couples kissing. Lush and dreamy, the aesthetics skated over the trip-hop sounds of single 'Touch' as whispery female vocals sang verses dripping in a quietly melancholic nostalgia.

Loud And Quiet
Sacred Paws - Run Around The Sun - Album review - Loud And Quiet

Sacred Paws' debut album, Strike A Match, was created over a distance of 400 miles, with guitarist Rachel Aggs living down south in London and drummer Eilidh Rogers residing up north in Glasgow. These circumstances contributed to an eclectic sound; a varied corpus of songs darting across, and bringing together, indie and Afro-Beats.

Loud And Quiet
Cuco - Para Mi - Album review - Loud And Quiet

Omar Banos is very online ™. Part of a new wave of DIY bedroom musicians, he's a self-taught Chicano producer, singer and song-writer that has reached millions of streams and viral fame with his catchy, lo-fi beats and irreverent attitude.

Loud And Quiet
BABii - HiiDE - Album review - Loud And Quiet

Support Loud And Quiet from £3 per month and we'll post you our next 9 magazines As all of us are constantly reminded, it's getting harder for independent publishers to stay in business, which applies to Loud And Quiet more now than ever, 14 years after we first started printing a magazine that we've always given away for free.


5 reasons why your ex is getting back in touch

When Elan Gale and his girlfriend broke up in 2014, they stayed on surprisingly good terms. 'Surprising' because they broadcasted their post-break-up messages publicly on Instagram - in a fashion which eerily anticipates the recent relationship meltdown between Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan.

The Line of Best Fit
Nine Songs: Hatchie

The Brisbane native picks 9 songs influential to her creative development

Crack Magazine
Marie Davidson provides cultural recommendations for your next night in

Given that social media has replaced “enjoyment” with mere representation, Davidson’s self-care picks are less face masks and more full-out resistance. Including a Japanese anime exploring virtual reality and a book exposing the hidden cost of stress, listen up to start gathering your tools for the next revolution.

Crack Magazine
5 Instagram accounts you need to follow right now

Has your Insta homepage been taken over by Bird Box memes, 10 year challenges and the Kylie Jenner v egg feud? Us too. In recent months, it seems like Instagram has gone from scrolling safe-haven to quagmire of stale content - and don't even mention the horizontal swipe betrayal.

Lessons in Lavish Loungewear from a 1972 Sapphic Psychodrama

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's seminal 1972 psychodrama The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant is best known for its depiction of sapphic obsession, sexual jealousy and sado-masochism. The claustrophobic power struggles within an all-female landscape, restricted to the huis clos of Petra's bedroom, have gone on to influence later films like Olivier Assayas' Clouds of Sils Maria and Peter Strickland's The Duke of Burgundy, among many others.


Crack Magazine
YouTube removes over 100 UK drill videos at request of London police

YouTube removed 102 clips associated with drill music from its platform last month. As reported by Evening Express , the Metropolitan Police requested that the Google-owned platform remove 129 videos linked to the genre. As of January 2019, 102 have been deleted.

Crack Magazine
Ryuichi Sakamoto models in Opening Ceremony's AW19 lookbook

The composer features alongside leading Asian and Asian-American cultural figures, including playwright David Henry Hwang and author Jenny Han. Ryuichi Sakamoto has been cast in Opening Ceremony's AW19 ready-to-wear lookbook. An exploration of Asian identity, Sakamoto was lensed by photographer Sebastian Kim alongside the likes of playwright David Henry Hwang, author Jenny Han, artist Chella Man, actress Greta Lee and designer Anna Sui.

Crack Magazine
Rare audio of an early 90s Aphex Twin performance surfaces online

New Jersey's Lofidelic Records has posted a recording of a rare Aphex Twin live set at Limelight NYC. Audio from one of Aphex Twin's Limelight NYC performances has surfaced on SoundCloud. Posted in December 2018 by New Jersey vinyl store Lofidelic Records, the recording captures one of two performances, taking place in either 1991 or 1992.

Crack Magazine
Nick Cave announces Conversations tour dates across the UK and Europe

The Conversations with Nick Cave tour will see him answer questions posed by audience members and perform piano renditions of songs from his back catalogue. Following on from the sold out dates across the US, Australia and New Zealand, today (18 February) it has been announced that the Conversations with Nick Cave tour will be coming to venues across Europe and the UK.

Crack Magazine
Ryan Adams accused of abusive behaviour by seven women

The musician reportedly has a history of emotionally manipulative and sexually inappropriate actions. Over a dozen colleagues and seven women have come forward for a New York Times report, alleging that musician Ryan Adams has a "pattern of manipulative behaviour in which Adams dangled career opportunities while simultaneously pursuing female artists for sex."

Crack Magazine
Jeff Mills mistakenly credits a Julien H Mulder track as his own

The song in question is Patterns in Nature from Jeff Mills' EP Str Mrkd, initially released on 17 January. The first release from Jeff Mills' new sub-label, Str Mrkd, wrongly attributes a song to Jeff Mills. Issued alongside Albali, Helix Nebula and Aquarius as the EP Str Mrkd, the track Patterns in Nature was actually created by Swedish techno producer Julien H Mulder.

Crack Magazine
Thom Yorke calls for Theresa May to "stop the bus" on Brexit negotiations

In a series of tweets the musician compared the UK Prime Minister's rule to the "early days of the third reich." This morning (8 February) the Radiohead frontman tweeted Theresa May with a series of criticisms levied at her leadership style and handling of Brexit negotiations.