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Megan Hazlett

Freelance Writer and Video Producer

Location icon Australia

Writer. Researcher. Producer. Storyteller.

I am a multi-skilled media professional with more than 20 years experience across television and video production, print journalism, and online content creation.

I learnt the craft of storytelling over 18 years in television production at Australian Broadcasting Corporation working on factual and short form documentaries.

My favourite subjects are people who are passionate about what they do. Whatever that happens to be. However I am interested in many subjects including social issues, religion, community, and politics.

Helping people share their story is what I love most, it inspires me, and I hope inspires the reader or viewer too.

Hunter & Coastal
New life for an old mining site

Passion is an overused word these days, but it is one that sits well on Austin Breiner. At 81 he is strong, wiry, bursting with enthusiasm and about halfway through a project that will see his 90-acre property at Oakhampton, a former river mine, transformed into a sustainable farm with produce from all over the world.

City of Newcastle
Priority Projects

Our Priority Projects are the result of extensive community consultation which helps form the Newcastle 2030 Community Strategic Plan. The four key Priority Projects underway which will benefit residents, businesses and visitors to Newcastle are below. But it's only just the beginning.

ABC Television
Can A Scientist Believe?

Kumi Taguchi explores if and how it's possible to reconcile faith with science.

ABC Television
Team Australia

What does it mean to be Australian? What are Australian values? Five passionate individuals from a variety of backgrounds agree to a "lock in" at an iconic venue with a mission to come up with their own list of questions.

Hunter Business Review
Women In Business

A special feature profiling local women making significant achievements in business and enriching the fabric of the Hunter community.

We are your City of Newcastle.

There's around a thousand talented, passionate, and dedicated people who work at the City of Newcastle. And it's thanks to them that we're able to make Newca...

ABC Television
Love in a Hurry

Three very different people reveal how they take on the challenge of dating and managing relationships when living with a life limiting illness.

Sunny Days
Flying Solo

Feature article exploring the realities of sole parenting.

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