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10 Must-Pack Items for Solo Travelers

Traveling the world is a dream of most people and luckily for this generation, it's something that can easily be done. In a survey by the MMGY Global, 37% of millennials out of 2,300 adults in America reported that they wanted to go on a trip by themselves in the next few months.

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6 Audio Books That Will Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

Most experienced leaders know that it's impossible to simply obtain great leadership skills, and to be a great leader is a constant learning process. While important wisdom can be drawn from real life successes and failures, learning from others who have came before is an effective way to gain valuable insight on how to improve your skills and strategies.

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Wearable Technology Is the Future

Master Chief, the protagonist of the wildly-popular Halo video game series, isn't alone in his fight against hordes of villainous aliens, robots, and monsters hell bent on human annihilation. In addition to Chief's over-the-top arsenal, the protagonist rolls with armor that features a wholly integrated Heads Up Display - or HUD, as it's commonly known in science fiction.