Megan Griffiths

Media Relations Officer and Freelance Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

Megan is the Media Relations Officer at a small but mighty charity.

In 2016, she received distinction honours for an MA in International Journalism at City University, London.

Megan has written for Premier Christian Radio, Food and Travel, Christianity magazine and The Catholic Herald.

With a BA in Religious and Theological Studies from Cardiff University and extensive teaching experience in Asia, Megan is able to provide unique insight into religion, education, foreign affairs and travel.

Christianity Magazine
Unshakeable Courage

The story of Corrie ten Boom who helped thousands of Jews escape Nazi persecution.

Little Bliss
What NICU is like for full-term parents

An example of one of the articles I have written for our charity's magazine Little Bliss. Little Bliss is a biannual magazine which is distributed at neonatal units across the UK and sent to our supporters.

Bliss Charity
World Prematurity Day 2017 - #PrematurityIs

I came up with the concept and storyboard for this video along with one of my colleagues. We collected the content from our supporters in order to represent the emotional rollercoaster parents on the neonatal unit go through. It has over 650,000 views on Facebook and 5,000 views on YouTube. It is Bliss's most successful video to date.

Natasha's story

An example of one of our weekly blog posts at Bliss. I work with parents to help them tell their stories through interviewing, writing and editing. I work hand-in-hand with parents to help them feel that their stories are properly represented and that their voice feels authentic.

Alive Magazine
How to avoid bad breath

Interview with dentist Nick O'Donovan about how to avoid bad breath in the office