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Writer. New Mexican. Sinophile. Stargazer. Poet. Mystic. Deserts, big sky, horses, the moon, walking. Words for Lonely Planet, the Independent, Time Out, CNN etc. Beer + travel @brewtravel.

Culture Trip
How To Spend a Week Exploring Guizhou, China's Mountainous Outback

Located in China's far southwest, the mountainous Guizhou province is relatively small compared to other Chinese provinces. It's also less popular with visitors, but no less worth visiting. With its wealth of cultural traditions, natural sights and local customs, there's plenty to do here and good reasons to make the extra effort to reach this relatively out-of-the-way destination.

Lonely Planet
Travel trends for 2019: dark skies

As Earth grows ever more populous and cities expand, opportunities for humanity to look up at the rest of the universe decrease. Across the planet, travellers are now seeking out the world's last-remaining dark skies where they can get a clear, unpolluted view of the stars. The twinkling span of the Milky Way.

Inside Himalayas
Offbeat Monasteries on the Friendship Highway Tibet

Tsang is Tibet's most well-travelled region. Traditionally known as Ü-Tsang, this southwestern part of Tibet juts up against the highest Himalayan peaks and Nepal. The road from Lhasa to Everest, the Friendship Highway (the G318), passes straight through Tsang, zipping up over soaring mountain passes and by pristine lakes on its way.

Horizon Guides
Horizon Guide to China

China can seem like an intimidating place, due to its huge size and the language barrier that most travellers face. However, first-time visitors needn't worry: this is a country of incredibly friendly and curious people eager to help.

Lonely Planet
Incredible must-visit Silk Road sights in Uzbekistan

Desert citadels, crumbling mud fortresses, mosaic-adorned medressas and busy market bazaars. For many centuries, the Silk Road was the world's superhighway, and Uzbekistan was at its very heart. After maritime and later air trade overtook the land, the Silk Road gradually fell out of use.

Atlas by Etihad
A four-day Chengdu itinerary

There’s more to Chengdu than just pandas. The Sichuan capital is an addictive mix of ancient temples, sizzling food and shiny shopping malls. Here’s what to do with four days in the city.

CNN Travel
Top attractions you can't miss in Dublin, Ireland

When you (CNN) - travel to Dublin, it doesn't take too long to figure out this is not the capital of a former far-flung empire like that of London, Madrid or Rome. While it lacks massive buildings and old monuments to past imperial grandeur, Dublin overflows with friendly, accessible charm in more human-scaled surroundings.

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