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Megan Collins Quinlan


Location icon United Kingdom

As a copywriter with more than a decade under my belt, I can bring your products to life, give your website a voice or create that tagline that says it all. I am based in Hampshire and open to contracts, freelance gigs and even full-time positions. But mostly, I work from my living room for clients across the globe.

Below you will find a very small selection of my website content and branding work, my blogs and ghost-written articles. Please feel free to ask for further examples relating to your industry (there are hundreds to choose from!)

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Website Content/Design

Technology Sector
Sleep Infuser

Sleep Infuser, from Cambridge Sound Technologies, is a unique bedside device designed to tackle the reasons why you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Through the power of sound technology, we can retrain your brain activity to help you drift off into a natural restorative sleep without the need for drugs.

Beauty Industry
Earth To You

We Believe In The Power Of Trees. That's why we plant trees with a portion of our sales by donating to The Forest Garden Program of Trees For Future Organisation. Our latest donation planted 2500 TREES in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2018!

Technology Sector

Capability Analysis and Scenario Tools (CAST) offer a set of deep analysis and scenario testing tools that can be tailored to your needs. We look at your data in new, more accessible ways, and use the latest computational advances to give you a strategic edge.


Sleep Infuser - News blog
Benefits of a weekend lie-in not as great as once thought

A sleep study carried out by The University of Colorado, Boulder and reported in the Current Biology journal has found that participants who were deprived of sleep and then allowed to sleep for an unlimited period, failed to make up the time lost and that the practice of sleeping in on a weekend could even have a more detrimental effect on sleep cycles.

Hundreds of buildings still affected by unsafe cladding

Home&Build keeps you up to date with Building Regulations and Planning issues, your Local Council and your local tradesmen all over the UK. You will find a wealth of information to help you with your next project from conception to completion.

Why you should set goals in life - Creative Tax

Most people, if asked, would agree that that they have goals for the future. Of course they do. We all do, right? The goal to eat better, lose weight, make a million or to buy our first home. Goals are just there.

7 Kitchen Upgrades On A Budget

Seeking to upgrade your kitchen, but concerned about the overall cost? Here's 7 kitchen upgrades on a budget to offer some price-friendly food for thought..

Garage conversions - what you need to know

Lack of space in your home driving you mad? Yes, it's a terrible pun, but adding space to your home by converting your garage into a liveable space really can be a great way to relieve the tension of living in a home that you have outgrown.

Product Descriptions

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