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Freelance travel and lifestyle writer

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I am a travel and lifestyle features writer and editor, creator of native and advertorial content, and experienced editor and sub editor. Prior to freelancing I was the deputy editor of Australian Traveller and International Traveller magazines.

I have written for publications including Australian Traveller, International Traveller, Vogue Living Australia, Sunday Life, WORLD Living and Travel (NZ), Queensland Uncovered (Tourism Queensland's blog) and COAST.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW, I write about all things travel and lifestyle including hotel design, food and wine, luxury experiences, holidays with kids and adventure travel.

Email contact: [email protected]

COAST Publishing
A chef with taste and tenacity

Scott Price is a chef who packed up his life in Brisbane and started driving south searching for the right place to create his own fine dining institution. Yellowtail is now one of the Central Coast's most lauded restaurants.

COAST Publishing
Fuelled by fire

Twice-hatted chef Nicola Coccia has worked across some of the most exclusive restaurants in Europe and Australia. His latest venture is a cosy osteria on the NSW's Central Coast.

Australian Traveller
11 best places to eat in Perth for brunch, lunch and dinner

Narrowing down where to eat in Perth is a tough job. The WA capital has a host of dining options, from cool and casual cafes to sleek and sophisticated restaurants to cosy eateries serving simple food that warms the soul.

Australian Traveller
8 Of Tasmania's Best Hikes

Tasmania is the ultimate hiking playground. Here are eight of the best tracks to lace up the boots for.

Australian Traveller
Hip Hood: Port Stephens

The quiet NSW region of Port Stephens is unassuming in more ways than one. Once destined for world-scale great things, this quiet seaside getaway packs a very cool punch.

Australian Traveller
Colour me pink

One of the Gold Coast's old motels gets a very colourful makeover.

COAST Publishing
Wild at heart

Mangrove Mountain wildflower grower, Craig Scott, is a well-respected leader in an industry where native blooms have well and truly made a resurgence.

Park Life

A profile on Paul Mac, a Central Coast chef whose humble kiosk gave a local park - and a community - life again.

International Traveller
48 hours in Chiang Mai

How to spend 48 hours in Thailand's unofficial second city.

Australian Traveller
Coastal Cool

A tale I wrote about my hometown, NSW's Central Coast, and how it's cooler than a lot of people think.

International Traveller
Deauville: France's other chic seaside town

Megan Arkinstall follows the fashion set to Deauville, a glorious seaside town on the Côte Fleurie, the chic French city that influenced fashion icon Coco Chanel.

Australian Traveller
Bush Bounty

Discovering native food from bush to table with one of the country's most knowledgeable bush food guides.

Queensland Uncovered
8 reasons why Hamilton Island is an easy holiday with kids

Sometimes even a tropical island holiday can be the stuff of nightmares when your kids aren't having a good time. But a trip to Hamilton Island is the holiday that will keep everyone happy, including the biggest critics - your kids.

International Traveller
Flavours of Honolulu

Hawai‘i hasn’t always been considered a hot culinary destination – but change is afoot in its state capital.

Australian Traveller
The truth is out... back

An isolated town in Australia's outback is a hotspot for visitors of the extraterrestrial kind.

International Traveller
A river runs deep

A cruise along Europe's most famous river, The Rhine, is as captivating as the many fairytales set on its banks.

Australian Traveller
A Pretty Escape

A blissful weekend at Pretty Beach House, one of NSW’s most luxurious stays.

International Traveller
Deep South foods y'all HAVE to try

Roll up your sleeves and loosen your belt as Megan Arkinstall reveals the most finger-lickin' dishes in America's Deep South.

Australian Traveller
Bathurst's Golden Age

The city that has been eclipsed by a motor race has a whole lot more to offer beyond its famous circuit.

Australian Traveller
The Simple Life

The Apple Isle is home to its own set of islands where the simple life provides travellers with wildly beautiful (and unplugged) experiences.

Australian Traveller
Roads less travelled

Discovering the backroads of one of the country's most visited wine regions, the Hunter Valley.

International Traveller
Born to be Wild

The top 10 wildlife attractions to avoid and why.

International Traveller
Two Tones

A tale of two writers about their time spent in the cultural melting pot that is The Big Easy, New Orleans.

Australian Traveller
The lost art of postcards

In a world of instant communication and oversharing, we long for the nostalgic act of sending a postcard by snail mail.

Australian Traveller
For the love of art

An anonymous review of Melbourne's colourful Larwill Hotel.

Australian Traveller
A red hot ride

A country drive never looked so good... a day spent driving a Ferrari in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

International Traveller
Cycle City

Discovering Amsterdam, Europe's most cycle-friendly city, by bike proves a challenge... and an adventure.

Australian Traveller
Prime Time

From drab government building to Art Deco beauty: an anonymous review of Sydney's Primus Hotel.

International Traveller
The Magic of Africa

An unforgettable wild (and luxurious) experience at Sabi Sabi, in South Africa's Kruger National Park.

Australian Traveller
Hip Hood: Richmond, Victoria

The gritty inner-city suburb of Richmond is emerging as Melbourne's coolest place to hang.

Australian Traveller
Hip Hood: Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle's reputation as a bleak ghost town is slowly changing with the emergence of the hip East End 'hood.

Australian Traveller
A Hinterland Hideaway

When it comes to prioritising our health and wellbeing, it's easy to make excuses. Here's why those excuses don't fly at Gwinganna wellness retreat.

Australian Traveller
Caving in Margaret River's underworld

Below Margaret River's surface of wineries, farms and pristine countryside lurks a dark nether world, full of mystery and adventure.

Australian Traveller
Cat's Alley

A look back at the Blue Mountain's iconic Hydro Majestic.

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