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Megan Ann Wilson

Creative Entrepreneur | @shegotgame

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Megan Ann Wilson, @shegotgame, is a designer, stylist, writer, creative consultant and on-air personality specializing in the intersection of fashion, footwear and sports.

Her clientele includes high profile NBA, NFL and MLB athletes, the Atlanta Hawks, the Toronto Raptors, companies like Nike, Air Jordan and Reebok as well as agencies like Cornerstone, Game 7 Marketing/Ole Creative and Crush & Lovely.

Wilson is also a frequent featured expert for outlets like GQ, Esquire, ESPN, Bleacher Report and NBATV. She's contributed to outlets like The Guardian, ESPN, Crepe City, Men's Fitness, Complex, Green Label, and Champs Sports. Wilson is currently starring on YouTube Originals’ “Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge”, a reality competition show, produced by with Pensole and adidas. She recently released two footwear collaborations with Nike and Cultivator and was apart of the Nike production customization team at top tier New York City activations.

We Tried It -- Compression socks for running

What I love most about running is that all you need to get started are your two feet and a heartbeat. It's one of the most travel-friendly sports since there's minimal gear to pack and you can check out the sights and sounds of a new city while getting in your cardio.
Taking It To The Rack

THE NBA IS THE MOST PROGRESSIVE OF THE BIG FOUR SPORTS LEAGUES. It’s the leader in social and digital media, and it embraces the personal style and individuality of its athletes. There are few times where this is more noticeable than New York Men's Fashion Week. Muscling out pop stars and supermodels, the NBA is producing the biggest fashion influencers in men's fashion, with its statuesque players, big budgets, and flair for competition. Dressing in the NBA is about maintaining traditions...

Green Label
RePurposed: 25 Best DIY Style Tips Stolen From Instagram | Green Label

To celebrate our exhibition Re:Purpose, Ordinary Objects Made Extraordinary, presented by Mtn Dew Black Label,we're paying homage to creatives riffing, transforming, and remixing the everyday. To see more fearless reinvention of the ordinary, click here.

Green Label
Nine Brands We Can't Live Without For Dew Tour | Green Label

Welcome to the dog days of summer-the heat, the sun, and soon, the Dew Tour. On July 22-24 to the 24th, the Dew Tour takes over the Long Beach Convention Center for three full days of skateboarding, music, food and fun.

We Tried It -- The Rock Clock app

"We Tried It" is a column where stylist and occasional athlete Megan Ann Wilson tries new, innovative or weird fitness products. Have a product you want her to test before you buy? Let us know at @shegotgame and @espnW. Motivation is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to sticking to a routine or revamping your lifestyle.

We Tried It -- Jordan Brand 'Reveal'

"We Tried It" is a column where stylist and occasional athlete Megan Ann Wilson tries new, innovative or weird fitness products. Have a product you want her to test before you buy? Let us know at @shegotgame and @espnW.

We Tried It -- Kylie Jenner's Puma Fierce

"We Tried It" is a column where stylist and occasional athlete Megan Ann Wilson tries new, innovative or weird fitness products. Have a product you want her to test before you buy? Let us know at @shegotgame and @espnW. Sportswear companies keep signing endorsement deals with famous non-athletes.

We tried it: Beyonce's Ivy Park line

Writer, stylist and novice athlete Megan Ann Wilson takes some pieces from Ivy Park, Queen B's new line of active wear, on a test drive to see how they perform.

Power Of Sneakers Unites Elena Delle Donne And Innovative Fan

Imagine buying the newest pair of signature shoes from your favorite athlete. Now imagine not being able to put them on by yourself. That imaginary situation was reality for one 19-year-old man. Matthew Walzer, who has cerebal palsy, has limited mobility that makes it nearly impossible to put shoes on without assistance.

We tried it: Adidas PureBoost X

"We Tried It" is a column where stylist and novice runner Megan Ann Wilson tries new, innovative or weird fitness products. Have a product you want her to test before you buy? Let us know at @shegotgame and @espnW. Distance running and I have a complicated relationship that dates back to my junior high track team.

Green Label
Damn, Ballers: The Vans Trend is Taking Over the NBA | Green Label

Last month, Vans celebrated its 50th anniversary. Once known for being a skateboarding staple, the brand is now a fashion favorite, especially (and surprisingly) amongst NBA athletes, who are more often associated with basketball sneakers than the minimalist skateboarding staple. Vans go up to size 14, meaning tall guys with big feet are able to rock the simple sneakers.

The Drop: Champs Sports

Toronto has long been under the radar for the average American. However, with NBA All-Star Weekend here, the world is finally watching the (41)6. As a Torontonian, I’ve seen attitudes change about my hometown in the six years I’ve been traveling for work. Toronto has gone from being known as Kardinal Offishall’s “T-Dot” to Drake‘s “6ix” with countless Instagram captions about running through my city with your woes. For awhile, it was hard to peg what Toronto’s style identity was because...

the Guardian
From Shump's hair to Tim Duncan's dad jeans: we pick the NBA's most stylish

The NBA continues to be the most progressive sports league in America, when it comes to style, fashion and individuality. As 2015 draws to a close, it's the perfect time to reflect upon this past year's true sartorial and sneaker standouts from the NBA and bestow bespoke awards to truly deserving candidates.

Green Label
Your Green Label Dos and Don'ts Guide to NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto | Green Label

Toronto is hosting the NBA All-Star weekend for the first time, and it's also the first time the festivities will take place outside of the United States. As a five-time All-Star attendee (Los Angeles, Orlando, Houston, New Orleans, New York) and a native Torontonian, I think I can speak with some authority on how to survive the weekend.

the Guardian
Get rid of the hoody, Belichick: giving the NFL coaches a makeover

The NFL regular season is finally upon us and frenzied fans bring jerseys back into their regular wardrobe rotation while the players go back to sporting the swoosh head to toe. Off the field, NFL players are finally taking cues from more fashionable leagues like the NBA and investing in their own personal style.

Sneaker Culture Isn't Fully Inclusive of Women, and That's a Problem

I've had a thing for sneakers since grade school, studied athletic footwear design and work in footwear, yet I'm always asked, "So, who got you into sneakers?" It's always assumed that a male influence is needed when, in reality, I turned my father into a sneakerhead and my male friends call me for sneaker plugs.

Green Label
'70s Fashion Reimagined by Top Streetwear Brands For Summer | Green Label

Influenced by bohemian hues and remastered '70s styles on both mens and womenswear runways this spring season, Coachella had a seriously 1970s vibe. Now, the oversized glasses, pink shirts, burgundy jackets, corduroy, and denim that your granddad wore in his heyday are cool again.

Sole Searching: WNBA All-Star Sneaker Tales

The WNBA All-Star Weekend is about showcasing the league's best talent, but it's also a time for players to display their personality and style through sneakers. Through customization tricks, like NikeiD, players are able to bring their ideas to life and make one-of-a-kind kicks.

Green Label
Trend Update: Patches Are The Next Big Thing | Green Label

Patches and patchwork are everywhere, from Boy Scouts-inspired jackets to even footwear. However not all patch play is worth your time and green. Here's the Green Label Guide to getting the best patch pieces for your wardrobe.

Made In America Makes A Difference

Americans need U.S. based jobs. So stop making excuses. A week has passed since America elected President Barack Obama to a second term in office. The President's victory speech was less celebratory and more serious, focusing on forging ahead via the strength of the nation.

From Shoes To 'Dos, 10 Jordan Brand Stars Predict The Future

BROOKLYN, New York -- They already made history as the first girls to play in the prestigious Jordan Brand Girls All-American Game. But they're far from finished. After the East beat the West in a 76-75 thriller at Barclays Center on Friday, we asked the all-Americans what else they'll be remembered for when their basketball days are done.

Watch Kanye's Throne

In the fashion world Kanye West is already a legend. He inspires copycats and whatever he co-signs sells out. We explain why he's the killin' the game. Kanye West has gone from a behind the scenes producer, totting a Louis Vuitton backpack and rapping about consumerism, to a megastar.

What's in a Lyric? A Closer Look at Rick Ross and Hip-Hop's Influence on Sneakers

What's in a lyric? Ask Rick Ross. Last month, Rozay appeared on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O.," dropping a bar that referenced his shoe sponsor and rape in practically the same line: "I die over these Reeboks , you ain't even know it/Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it."

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