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The Hollywood Reporter
In 1999, Franco Became a 'Freak'

When a 21-year-old James Franco arrived at the casting call for NBC's 1980s-set teen drama 'Freaks and Geeks' in 1999, he was just what show creator Paul Feig had been looking for.

The Hollywood Reporter
Miss Golden Globe: Hollywood's Crown Princesses

From an ex-Miss Universe to the future Anastasia Steele, the Miss Golden Globes make the most of their brush with Hollywood's top talent: "There's something to be said about standing shoulder to shoulder with Spielberg!"

The Hollywood Reporter
Jason Biggs: Forever Proud of 'Pie'

There's always one scene in an actor's career that forever will define them. For Marilyn Monroe, it's the unforgettable subway grate moment in 'The Seven Year Itch'; for Paul Newman, it's 'Cool Hand Luke's' eggs; and for Jason Biggs, it involved a pan of apple pie.

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