Matthew Pellow

Staff Writer at Roar News

United Kingdom

Studying BA History and French at King's College London. I am an aspiring journalist, contributing regularly to Roar News, KCL's student newspaper.

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KCL Professor Ewan McGaughey to Run for UCU General Secretary

A King's College London (KCL) Law Professor has announced his candidacy for General Secretary of the University and College Union (UCU). In a video shared to social media on 13 November, Professor Ewan McGaughey announced an eight-point policy platform for his UCU leadership bid. He said if elected, he would "transform UCU and transform UK [...]

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KCL Alumnus Killed in Gaza

Dr Maisara Alrayyes, an alumnus of King's College London (KCL), was reportedly killed in an Israeli airstrike that hit his home in Gaza, Palestine on 7 November. Editor's note: this article discusses the ongoing violence in the Gaza strip. Reader discretion is advised. According to Al Araby, an Arabic-language TV network, 8 members of his [...]

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KCL SJP, KCL LGBTQ+ and Liberate KCL Exchange Criticism

Roar documents a string of allegations made by three King's College London (KCL) societies. On 1 November, KCL Students for Justice for Palestine (KCL SJP) published a statement on their Instagram accusing "a member from Liberate KCL" of using "hostile language" against one of KCL SJP's Palestinian members, in what KCL SJP called an attempt [...]

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KCL Unions Criticise University Statements on Israel-Palestine

The KCL branch of the University and College Union (UCU) criticised statements put out by the Vice-Chancellor and President of KCL over the Israel-Hamas war. In a letter to College management on 16 October, the branch raised concerns over Education Minister Gillian Keegan's recent letter to Vice-Chancellors, following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War, which [...]

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Israel-Hamas War: The Left Must Condemn Atrocities on Both Sides

Staff Writer Matthew Pellow argues that for left-wing groups to hold a morally defensible position they must condemn all atrocities committed by both sides in the Israel-Hamas War. Editor's note: This article was originally written on 12 October. The conflict is ongoing and is constantly developing, as such some of the statistics used may not [...]

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KCL Spinouts Secured £134 Million in Investment in 2022

King's College London spinouts secured £134 million in equity investment in 2022, the fourth-largest amount of all UK universities. University spinout companies use research, inventions and other intellectual property owned by the university as the basis for a business. They provide a significant source of income for universities as well as a practical manifestation of [...]

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Netanyahu Reforms Further Jeopardise Palestinians Under Occupation

Staff writer Matthew Pellow argues that Israel's judicial reforms will serve to further disrupt the lives of Palestinians. Israel's judicial reforms proved to be an explosively divisive undertaking for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition government. Protests took place across the country, with demonstrations in Tel Aviv alone averaging between 100,000 and 200,000 [...]

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Who Should Be Responsible When A Government Department F*cks Up?

"Does anyone ever say 'You know you've done a f*cking good job because everyone else has sat on their arses and done nothing. No signs of that, no?" - Gillian Keegan after an interview for ITV News. Those words were certainly conceited and unprofessional.

Israel's Paranoid Borders

As soon as you enter Israeli airspace, you are reminded of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Since 2008, according to Israeli law, all passenger planes flying into or across Israel require all...