Michael Collazo

CEO, dahday, LLC

United States

Founder of dahday, llc, a ticket brokerage, Collazo has over 15 years experience in sports and entertainment ticket sales. My freelance writing focuses on sports (usually baseball, basketball and boxing), the concert business and some politics.

Latino Rebels
Make No Mistake, This Year's REAL March Madness Is the World Baseball Classic

If you have been watching the World Baseball Classic, which wraps up this Wednesday night, you have been witnessing an event vital to the growth of the game-especially to America's youngest demographic. It's 2017, mi gente, and that baseball-is-the-national-pastime stuff is dead. Football is America's passion and has been for decades.

7 Reasons To Get Excited About the World Baseball Classic

o what if some baseball fans don't get the World Baseball Classic? Well, tell that to the Dominican, Puerto Rican and Venezuelan baseball fans all hyped up to see their beloved countrymen on the same field together. Tell that to those Mexican fans at Estadio Charros de Jalisco on March 9th when they first see [...]

Six Things You Were Guaranteed To See At A Valentine's Day Concert - Dahday

Valentine's weekend concerts satisfy countless couples again and again each year. Whatever the music genre, fans enjoy a heartfelt show - and hopefully the gift-giver made their significant other very happy. Especially for Valentine's Day weekend, artists make sure to use some best-loved performance tricks of the trade.

Latino Sports Talk
How Today's Pelota Looks A Lot Like '85

Looking at the standings the other day and I wondered if Major League Baseball had taken the flux capacitor back to 1985. Have you noticed we could have an All-Missouri World Series if things work out like in 1985?

Best of NJ: NJ Lifestyle Guides, Features, Events, and More
MLB Mid-Season Grades: The Philadelphia Phillies - Best of NJ: NJ Lifestyle Guides, Features,...

The 2016 Phillies deserve to be graded on a curve. The team lost 99 painful-to-watch games in 2015. This season, however, after a 25-19 start, the Phillies have come back to Earth, standing at fourth place in National League East. Still, this franchise is in full-blown rebuild mode, so that's something to keep in mind ...