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Chicago Cubs fans are the most loyal fans - here's proof

Imagine having a deep, maddeningly persistent love for something that seems destined to disappoint you. For 108 years, Chicago Cubs fans didn't have to imagine-they knew the feeling all too well -- until everything changed forever with their thrilling World Series win in 2016. So what now? Here, we speak to five excessively devoted fans about their hopes, fears and Cubs-themed tattoos.
'Anthony Rizzo is a Good Italian Boy' authors on their new book

Downers Grove residents Matt Lynch and Amanda ReCupido speak about their recent book "Anthony Rizzo is a Good Italian Boy" at their home on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018. The couple says they were inspired to author a mix of ReCupido's Italian heritage with Lynch's love for sports after watching Chicago...

Every State's Most Important Food Innovation

America's long been a nation of innovators, from the restless tinkering of Ben Franklin to the Gilded Age showmanship of Thomas Edison to the obsession with comfort and sloth of whoever slapped sleeves on a blanket and called it a Snuggie. And speaking of deadly sins, American gluttony has also driven its fair share of creativity.

The 31 Best Steakhouses in America

No matter how many food trends come and go, the steakhouse is always there, waiting to welcome special-occasion celebrators, expense-account abusers, and anyone else who just really likes slicing into a seared, juicy hunk of protein.

Chicago's Delicious Mild Sauce Tradition || Food Groups

Chicago is a city that adores its food icons. From pizza, to Italian beef, to hot dogs "dragged through the garden", the Windy City is an international beacon of intensely lionized foodstuffs. But there's one Chicago food tradition that flies so under-the-radar, even many Chicago residents hadn't heard of it before Chicago-born comedian Hannibal Buress penned a love letter to it in Chicago Magazine in February 2017. "If you live on the South Side or West Side and you go to a restaurant that...

25 Beers That Changed America

Every beer has the potential to change your night. These beers changed America... and brewing itself.